Penn GSE In the Media

Houston Chronicle Online | December 15, 2017
Laura Perna discusses whether free college programs can make colleges more affordable and increase college attainment.  
NEA Today | December 12, 2017
Richard Ingersoll comments on teacher retention, in particular, the importance of teachers being treated as professionals and having a voice in school-wide decisions.  
Philadelphia Inquirer | December 8, 2017
Joni Finney comments on the GOP’s endowment tax proposal and says that schools may resort to increases in tuition in order to pay the tax. 
Knowledge@Wharton | December 6, 2017
Laura Perna discusses the impact of the recent change to the tax code on students, colleges, and higher education as a whole. 
Inside Higher Ed | December 5, 2017
Marybeth Gasman explains the rationale behind NFL’s donation as a commitment to social change for African-Americans. 
Inside Higher Ed | December 4, 2017
Marybeth Gasman is quoted about the impact of the Higher Education Act on colleges that are educating low-income students. 
National Public Radio Online | November 22, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman comments on the idea of conducting discussions about relationships in classrooms. 
Forbes Online | November 21, 2017
Annie McKee explains the five most common traps that hold people back from happiness. 
The Philadelphia Inquirer | November 20, 2017
Marybeth Gasman suggests that in order to turn around a struggling institution, you have to take big risks. 
Times Higher Education (U.K.) | November 20, 2017
Joni Finney comments on how higher education has benefited from tax exemptions but may need to regroup on how more of their resources can benefit lower-income students. 
Chronicle of Higher Education | November 17, 2017
Harris Sokoloff and Jonathan Zimmerman discuss the recent event “Can We Talk? Political Dialogue in Donald Trump’s America.” 
The Hill Online | November 17, 2017
Daniel Wagner explains why the recent withdraw of the U.S from UNESCO is concerning. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | November 16, 2017
Rand Quinn shares his opinion about what is needed for the School District of Philadelphia. 
WYPR – NPR | November 15, 2017
Sigal Ben-Porath participates in a discussion on issues such as trigger warnings, safe spaces, and first amendment rights on college campuses. 
San Francisco Chronicle Online | November 13, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman writes about why it is important for educators to initiate conversations about sexual harassment.  
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | November 12, 2017
Marybeth Gasman comments on a recent ruling by Judge Catherine Blake and discusses the importance of government funding in supporting HBCUs. 
Yahoo Finance UK | November 12, 2017
Annie McKee’s book “How To Be Happy At Work” features techniques for finding happiness at work. 
The Inquirer | November 12, 2017
James Lytle comments on the expected educational progress at Kenderton Elementary. 
The Philadelphia Tribune | November 11, 2017
Howard Stevenson comments on Forward Promise’s partnership with nine organizations that focus on supporting boys and young men of color after trauma. 
The Michigan Daily | November 9, 2017
Laura Perna shares her research on the role of public policy on college access and success. 
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | November 2, 2017
Joni Finney comments on strategies for institutions to maintain enrollment when facing a shrinking number of recent high school graduates. 
The Philadelphia Tribune | November 1, 2017
Marybeth Gasman comments on the increasing enrollment of freshmen at HBCUs. 
Inside Higher Ed | November 1, 2017
Laura Perna and Penn AHEAD identify tuition-free programs in their online catalog of College Promise programs in the U.S. 
Education Week | November 1, 2017
Richard Ingersoll shares his research about how the inclusion of teachers in decision-making has a positive impact on student performance. 
ABC Online (Australia) | October 30, 2017
Marybeth Gasman explains that the recent enrollment increase at HBCUs is due to the racial climate as well as the growing positive impression of the value of HBCU education. 
The Pennsylvania Gazette | October 27, 2017
Sigal Ben-Porath’s book “Free Speech on Campus” is cited as a resource for information about balancing between encouraging free speech and protecting against personal attack. 
Teacher Magazine | October 26, 2017
Richard Ingersoll analyzes the relationship between school leadership and student performance. 
NPR News in Milwaukee | October 24, 2017
Marybeth Gasman explains that the recent enrollment increase at HBCUs is due to the racial climate as well as the growing positive impression of the value of HBCU education. 
The Chronicle of Higher Education | October 20, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman writes about the increase in mental illness at selective universities, and the steps that can be taken to help reduce the competitive nature of these communities.   
The Seattle Times | October 19, 2017
Jonathan Supovitz comments on the necessity and limitation of the SAT as standardized testing.