Penn GSE In the Media

Education Dive | March 8, 2018
Howard Stevenson suggests that higher education leaders must incorporate training for faculty and students in order to build racial literacy. 
Al Día | March 8, 2018
Marybeth Gasman discusses the HSI Pathways to the Professoriate program which seeks to increase the number of Latinx professors throughout the country. 
Inside Higher Ed | March 8, 2018
Sigal Ben-Porath, participating in a panel discussion, suggests that institutions create inclusive environments that encourage students to weigh in. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | February 28, 2018
Howard Stevenson discusses how people may feel when they encounter written slurs. 
Society for Human Resource Management | February 23, 2018
Annie McKee identifies the four key elements of emotional intelligence that are critical for leaders. 
Vulture | February 23, 2018
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas comments on a new young-adult novel that moves Black protagonists to the center of the fantastic. 
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | February 19, 2018
Manuel S. González Canché writes about colleges and universities with need-blind admissions practices and the need for highly selective education institutions to redefine “merit.” 
KUOW-FM Online | February 10, 2018
Sigal Ben-Porath discusses the issue of universities charging security fees for speakers and the changing nature of college protests and rallies. 
Atlanta Journal-Constitution | February 8, 2018
Marybeth Gasman comments on the first historically black colleges and universities, located in the North. 
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Online | January 29, 2018
Marybeth Gasman comments on the concerning low graduation rates at some HBCUs and the connection between graduation rates and low income. 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | January 28, 2018
Richard Ingersoll explains the reason why teachers of color leave the teaching force at a higher rate than White teachers and how to address this issue. 
Education Week | January 25, 2018
Rebecca Maynard comments on the potential impact of consolidating three research programs if the proposed budget is passed. 
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | January 15, 2018
Marybeth Gasman discusses some suggestions she gives her students on attending academic conferences. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | January 15, 2018
Howard Stevenson delivered the keynote address at the African American Museum of Philadelphia on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, reflecting on “the emotional costs of activism and being on the front lines.” 
The Inquirer | January 15, 2018
Jonathan Zimmerman suggests that teachers should teach students how to hold debates with respectful behavior. 
Education Week | January 12, 2018
Richard Ingersoll’s findings—that students perform better on state tests when teachers have a leadership role in decision making in their school—are cited in this article that explores hybrid roles for teachers as leaders of other teachers. 
Times Higher Education | January 8, 2018
Joni Finney discusses the Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform (Prosper) Act, saying it could result in “many scams that will take advantage of students and the federal aid dollars of the federal government.”Marsha Richardson shares how to be mindful and be emotionally healthy. 
Chalkbeat | January 1, 2018
Pam Grossman is cited for having shown that teachers can learn about teaching when their colleagues act in the role of students. | December 28, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman suggests that across the political spectrum, Americans are distrusting college and universities; he offers three suggestions for improvement.  
Philadelphia Inquirer | December 27, 2017
Matthew Steinberg and Johanna Lacoe’s new study on the academic and behavioral consequences of discipline policy reform is discussed in this opinion piece. 
ACM News (Association for Computing Machinery) | December 18, 2017
Ryan Baker discusses how AI-based tutoring systems are allowing the majority of students to proceed at their own pace, while freeing up teachers to work with individual students. 
Houston Chronicle Online | December 15, 2017
Laura Perna discusses whether free college programs can make colleges more affordable and increase college attainment.  
NEA Today | December 12, 2017
Richard Ingersoll comments on teacher retention, in particular, the importance of teachers being treated as professionals and having a voice in school-wide decisions.  
Philadelphia Inquirer | December 8, 2017
Joni Finney comments on the GOP’s endowment tax proposal and says that schools may resort to increases in tuition in order to pay the tax. 
Knowledge@Wharton | December 6, 2017
Laura Perna discusses the impact of the recent change to the tax code on students, colleges, and higher education as a whole. 
Inside Higher Ed | December 5, 2017
Marybeth Gasman explains the rationale behind NFL’s donation as a commitment to social change for African-Americans. 
Inside Higher Ed | December 4, 2017
Marybeth Gasman is quoted about the impact of the Higher Education Act on colleges that are educating low-income students. 
National Public Radio Online | November 22, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman comments on the idea of conducting discussions about relationships in classrooms. 
Forbes Online | November 21, 2017
Annie McKee explains the five most common traps that hold people back from happiness. 
Times Higher Education (U.K.) | November 20, 2017
Joni Finney comments on how higher education has benefited from tax exemptions but may need to regroup on how more of their resources can benefit lower-income students.