Penn GSE In the Media

Inc. Online | August 17, 2017
Annie McKee’s quiz is used to help readers understand their emotional intelligence. 
NewsWorks | August 17, 2017
Howard Stevenson is one of three guests interviewed about the events in Charlottesville. 
The National: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | August 16, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman is one of three panelists interviewed about the controversy over confederate monuments. 
NewsWorks | August 15, 2017
Howard Stevenson shares suggestions for parents for talking with their children about race. | August 14, 2017
Richard Ingersoll’s research is cited in this story of a young Philadelphia man who is beginning his career in teaching. 
Washington Post | August 11, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman discusses efforts towards diverse campuses and who has benefited from affirmative action. 
NewsWorks | August 11, 2017
Nelson Flores discusses how isolated, high poverty schools and neighborhoods are contributing to the gap in English language reading and writing proficiency among Latino students. 
Associated Press | August 9, 2017
Marybeth Gasman comments on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s distancing herself from previous statements about historically black colleges and universities as pioneers of school choice. 
Triangle Business Journal (North Carolina) | August 8, 2017
Marybeth Gasman comments on the earning disparity among graduates of historically black colleges and universities. 
Wharton Business Radio Highlights | August 7, 2017
Ross Aikins and Anita Gupta join host Dan Loney to discuss the recent increase of academic doping and how colleges are dealing with this new trend. 
Philadelphia Tribune | August 4, 2017
Marybeth Gasman discusses how Cheyney can prosper with a change in focus and with concentration on its academics. | August 3, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman writes about a new law in Florida that allows citizens to object to books assigned in the public schools. 
Chronicle of Higher Education | August 3, 2017
Marybeth Gasman says, "We don’t see challenges to legacies because the vast majority of legacies are wealthy whites.” 
Forbes | August 1, 2017
Bobbi Kurshan writes about how and why competitions can be helpful to new companies in the edtech space. 
Chronicle of Higher Education | July 30, 2017
Alex Posecznick discusses his book and what he learned about non-elite, unranked colleges. 
Times Higher Education | July 28, 2017
Alan Ruby shares his experiences of attending his nephew's graduation in Oregon in this international publication. 
With Good Reason | July 28, 2017
Richard Ingersoll discusses the factors that lead to high turnover in the teaching profession. 
National Public Radio | July 28, 2017
Susan Yoon suggests teachers give students the tools to think like a scientist using evidence, sources, deduction, hypotheses, and results. 
Chief Learning Officer | July 27, 2017
Annie McKee discusses how leaders can actively work to create a workplace where people connect their personal values with their work. 
New York Daily News | July 24, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman asserts that there are legitimate reasons to oppose school vouchers, but the fact that early voucher proponents had racist motivations does not mean that today’s proponents do. 
Education Week | July 24, 2017
Sharon Wolf discusses the study’s findings on school readiness and the need for policymakers to consider the dimension of neighborhood disadvantage. 
Education Dive | July 24, 2017
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas points to successes in educating children from non-dominant backgrounds and suggests that it’s not just about money but also about will. 
Boston Globe | July 17, 2017
Robert Zemsky discusses the changing market in which small private schools are competing. 
Wall Street Journal | July 17, 2017
Marybeth Gasman asserts that loan programs should be more particular in their lending, and borrowers should have a plan for paying back the loans.  
Huffington Post | July 16, 2017
Richard Ingersoll is cited for his research putting the cost of teacher attrition nationally at approximately $2.2 billion a year. | July 14, 2017
Joni Finney comments on the report on Pennsylvania’s state universities, indicating that fixing the system as a whole is important, and that that closing campuses would have been more of a distraction than a solution. 
Harvard Business Review | July 12, 2017
Annie McKee promotes caring for self and others, taking responsibility for our own actions and feelings, and leaning in to our natural empathies. 
The Guardian | July 11, 2017
Annie McKee and Richard Boyatzis describe the renewal cycle in which school leaders combat negative stress with reflection. 
Forbes | July 10, 2017
Joni Finney explains that students should look at how much debt they’ve accumulated as an undergrad and their expected debt level on the graduate level. 
The Educated Reporter | July 5, 2017
Pam Grossman discusses education and classroom teaching with reporters at the Education Writers Association national seminar at Georgetown University.