Penn GSE In the Media

The Root | February 7, 2017
"Much of what Trump says advances racist narratives about us and communities in which we live. His assumptions are surely based on stereotypes and incomplete facts," writes Shaun Harper. 
Child & Family Blog | February 6, 2017
Individualist values from Europe and the US are transforming parenting globally, but East Asian values are also migrating the other way, says Xinyin Chen.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | February 5, 2017
Marybeth Gasman comments on the political and economic hurdles HBCU presidents face. 
The Philadelphia Tribune | February 4, 2017
“A merger will not uphold the history, legacy and personality of an HBCU if it becomes mainstreamed and whitewashed," said Marybeth Gasman, referring to the risks of HBCUs merging with predominately white colleges. 
The Chronicle of Higher Education | February 3, 2017
"It’s ridiculous and frightening for the president to be threatening to withhold money based on his perception of what’s happening with free speech on campus," said Jonathan Zimmerman. 
CQ Researcher | February 3, 2017
Michael Johanek talks about the roots of American civic engagement.  
The New York Times | February 2, 2017
In this interview, Shaun Harper discusses racism at universities and what universities need to do to combat it.  
The Charlotte Observer | January 30, 2017
Marybeth Gasman reacts to the planned meeting of HCBU leaders and congressional Republicans, as well as at least one official from Trump's White House. 
New York Daily News | January 30, 2017
In this op-ed, Jonathan Zimmerman compares President Trump's lies with the lies of other US presidents.
Philadelphia Inquirer | January 30, 2017
Harris Sokoloff is mentioned in this op-ed by co-founder of the Penn Project for Civic Engagement. 
Los Angeles Times | January 24, 2017
In this op-ed, Jonathan Zimmerman comments on the Women's March and the recent US presidential election's low voter turnout among Democrats.
witf | January 23, 2017
Joining WITF's Smart Talk, Joni Finney discusses college affordability. 
Times Higher Education | January 19, 2017
Matthew Hartley and Alan Ruby comment on the political, social, and educational impact of a Trump presidency. 
USA Today | January 18, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman reflects on Obama's presidency and humble character. 
Newsday | January 17, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman shares his thoughts on Trump's unprecedented rise to the American presidency.  
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution | January 17, 2017
Marybeth Gasman comments on Morehouse College's board of trustees' vote not to renew the historically-black college president's contract. 
San Francisco Chronicle | January 16, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman says educators who denounce racial and other social prejudices spurred by Trump's rise to the presidency need to check their political prejudice in the classroom, which could indoctrinate students. 
New York Daily News | January 15, 2017
Jonathan Zimmerman comments on the contentious exchange between U.S. representative and civil rights leader, John Lewis, and president-elect Donald Trump. 
Inside Higher Ed | January 13, 2017
Marybeth Gasman shares her concerns about the Charles Koch Foundation's $25.6 million gift to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. 
Education Week | January 11, 2017
Eleven researchers from Penn GSE have made Education Week’s 2017 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings list.  
Philadelphia Inquirer | January 6, 2017
Marybeth Gasman says her racist father prompted her to dedicate her life to social justice, including her penning an op-ed that criticized colleges for failing to employ more faculty of color. 
NPR | January 3, 2017
Marybeth Gasman spoke with NPR All Things Considered about Fisk University. 
PBS | January 3, 2017
"I can only see [education attainment] gaps growing in terms of race and ethnicity and certainly in terms of income if we don’t do something about this,” said Joni Finney. 
Wharton Business Radio | December 17, 2016
Penn GSE's Mike Johanek & Michigan State's Rebecca Jacobsen discuss Betsy DeVos's nomination for US Secretary of Education. Originally aired on 12/17/16 by Wharton Business Radio (@BizRadio111).
Inside Higher Ed | December 16, 2016
Peter Eckel writes about board institutional governance and accountability for colleges and universities. 
Education Next | December 15, 2016
Education Next named "What Do We Know About School Discipline Reform," co-authored by Matthew Steinberg, as one of its top-20 stories of 2016. 
The Christian Science Monitor | December 14, 2016
“Every school, every school district, and every state should be very serious about routinely and systematically assessing school climate, because it really is one of many key determinants of student performance and success,” says Shaun Harper. 
The Chronicle of Higher Education | December 13, 2016
Jonathan Zimmerman on the restriction of free speech and racial equality.
Diverse Education | December 13, 2016
“Strengthening leadership pathways for [minority-serving institutions] is one way to ensure institutional commitment to diversity and equity in higher education," says Marybeth Gasman.
LinkedIn | December 12, 2016
Marybeth Gasman named one of LinkedIn's Top 10 Voices in Education.