Penn GSE In the Media

Harvard Business Review | March 22, 2016

Originally appearing in 2015, this article by Martin Ihrig is a 2015 McKinsey Award Finalist. 


Time | March 21, 2016

Abby Reisman suggests parents and teachers can help students “use history to make sense of the present.”


Education Week | March 21, 2016

New CPRE study was one of the largest and most rigorous ever implemented in the field of education.


NPR | March 16, 2016

Sports columnist Kevin Blackistone speaks with NPR's Morning Edition about Shaun Harper's new report. 


Associated Press | March 15, 2016

Shaun Harper's Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at Penn GSE finds Black male student-athletes in NCAA Power 5 schools lag in graduation rates.

Washington Post | March 14, 2016

Andy Porter, of C-SAIL, helps fact-check GOP candidates' debate answers about the Common Core. 


CBS News | March 14, 2016

Yasmin Kafai notes that it's only recently that women players have been recognized as valid gamers in the eyes of companies.  


Washington Post | March 10, 2016

In this op-ed, Shaun Harper argues that campus protestors are looking for more dialogue, not less.  


Washington Post | March 6, 2016

Sigal Ben-Porath and Joan Goodman make the case for why schools can't — and shouldn't — test for non-cognitive attributes. 


NewsWorks WHYY | March 2, 2016

In this radio piece, Marybeth Gasman talks about HBCUs and, specifically, Cheyney University in the Philadelphia suburbs.


Pew Charitable Trusts Stateline | February 26, 2016

“The solution is to improve the job,” says Richard Ingersoll.


New Haven Register | February 26, 2016

Shaun Harper takes to the debate stage at Yale for Intelligence Squared. 


Chronicle of Higher Education | February 19, 2016

Shaun Harper advises college leaders to take a "clear-eyed" look at the campus climate that led to the incident. 


U.S. News & World Report | February 9, 2016

Further coverage of new Pathways to the Professoriate initiative from the Center for MSIs. 


Associated Press | February 7, 2016

This story on Shaun Harper's recent study also appeared in U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, ABC News, and other outlets. 


Harvard Business Review | February 5, 2016

Annie McKee writes about asking the right questions to determine an applicant's emotional intelligence. 


The New York Times | February 4, 2016

Shaun Harper comments on the need for cultural competency education for teachers. 


Univision | February 1, 2016

Pathways to the Professoriate initiative will develop Latino/a students to become faculty in the humanities. 


Education Week | January 26, 2016

James "Torch" Lytle shines light on the NCAA's stranglehold on secondary education.


Education Week | January 22, 2016

Matthew Steinberg discusses what the study could mean for future policy choices. 


NPR's All Things Considered | January 22, 2016

Thomas says children are ready to talk about race, slavery, and Black Lives Matter. 


Fortune | January 20, 2016

Wagner, UNESCO chair in learning and literacy, comments on value of considering illiteracy a foundational social problem. 


Brookings | January 19, 2016

John Fantuzzo of Penn GSE and Dennis Culhane of Penn's School of Social Policy & Practice discuss their Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy initiative. 


Philadelphia Inquirer | January 11, 2016

Jon Supovitz comments on the impact of teacher shortages. 


The Washington Post | January 8, 2016

NFL agent Donald Yee cites Shaun Harper's 2013 study on black male student athletes to make his case. 


Education Week | January 6, 2016

Ten Penn GSE professors named to Rick Hess's list of influential education scholars. 


BBC News | December 23, 2015

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas comments on the new Harry Potter, noting "a definite shift towards what she calls colour blind casting."


L.A. Times | December 17, 2015

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas reviews four books that are particularly well suited for sparking rich discussions with children and adults.


The Washington Post | December 16, 2015

In this essay, Sigal Ben-Porath offers 3 practical guidelines for schools and teachers. 


Philadelphia Inquirer | December 11, 2015

In this op-ed, Yasmin Kafai advocates for increased computer science curricula on the eve of the Hour of Code.