Programs for Teacher Consultants

Philadelphia Writing Project (PhilWP) teacher consultants who have successfully completed the Summer Invitational Institute are invited to take part in a number of programs.

Summer Institute II: Teacher Inquiry and Practice

Summer Institute II is offered as an advanced institute for teacher consultants who want to engage in or expand teacher research projects. The focus on teacher inquiry leads to the development of individual research questions that teacher consultants explore upon returning to their classrooms. Six follow up sessions are held in the school year following the institute. The institute is open to teacher consultants who complete Summer Institute I. Participants also receive 1 continuing education credit.

PhilWP Scholar

Since 1986, PhilWP has selected a teacher consultant to serve full-time as the PhilWP Scholar at the Graduate School of Education. Supported by a fellowship provided in part by the dean of the Graduate School of Education, the scholar spends two semesters on leave from the School District of Philadelphia to take graduate level courses through the Reading, Writing, and Literacy Program in the Language in Education Division or the Foundations and Practices of Education Division. During this time the scholar provides leadership to the site in a number of creative ways. Interested PhilWP teacher consultants should contact the PhilWP office for more information.

Techlit Online Discussion Forum

Teacher consultants are invited to become members of a group listserv. Teacher consultants are provided an opportunity to receive program updates, information and various issues of concern circulated via asynchronous web discussions which take place on a technical list server provided by the University of Pennsylvania.

A Celebration of Writing and Literacy

On a Saturday each fall, educators participate in facilitated discussions centering around important educational issues and hands-on, teacher led workshops celebrating best reading and writing practices and uses of technology in the classroom.  TCs are encouraged to notify the PhilWP office if they are interested in presenting. 

Publications committee

The Publications Committee supports the publication of teachers’ writings in the PhilWP Journal. Interested TCs should contact the PhilWP office to learn more about opportunities to work with the committee. 

Literature CircleS

Educators convene in Literature Circles to discuss selected books often used in Philadelphia classrooms or books that support curriculum. A variety of themes are covered from year to year including race and gender in schools to linguistic diversity in the community. Educators collaborate in a number of ways to consider powerful themes, strategies and resources for literature.

Marci Resnick Teacher Fund

The Marci Resnick Teacher Fund awards are made in the memory of Marci Resnick, a longtime elementary school teacher, who was also director of the Philadelphia Writing Project and associate director of National Programs for the National Writing Project. Through her love of children, her passion for literacy and the arts, and her commitment to teacher networks, she brought excitement about learning to her students, her colleagues in Philadelphia, and thousands of teachers throughout the country. The Marci Resnick Teacher Fund was created to honor her life and work. Each year up to four teachers receive $500.00 to enhance their teaching practice and their work as teacher-leaders.