Inquiry Communities

The Philadelphia Writing Project (PhilWP) believes that teachers are best supported when they are provided the space to explore their practice in a collaborative setting with other practitioners. Establishing inquiry-based communities to better the teaching of writing has been a central tenet of PhilWP’s work since 1986.

Arts Inquiry Seminar

The Leadership Inquiry Seminar is an open continuity program that provides a space for K-12 teachers in all disciplines to engage in an inquiry into how the arts can be infused into their classrooms and schools. This is an opportunity for teachers to collectively explore how their practice can be transformed through arts integration. Participants are awarded 25 Act 48 hourse from the Graduate School of Education upon successful completion of course requirements. 

Advanced Summer Institute II: Teacher Inquiry and Practice

Summer Institute II is offered as an advanced institute for teacher consultants who want to engage in or expand teacher research projects. The focus on teacher inquiry leads to the development of individual research questions that teacher consultants explore upon returning to their classrooms. Eight follow up sessions are held in the homes of the participants following the institute. The institute is open to teacher consultants who complete Summer Institute I. Participants also receive 3 continuing education credits and ACT 48 credits.

Leadership Inquiry Seminar

The Leadership Inquiry Seminar is an open continuity program that investigates the broad interpretations and issues around leadership. It serves to build a professional community, to unpack the terms “leader" and "leadership,” and to identify some of participants’ burning questions regarding these concepts. Together facilitators and participants group questions according to themes and common threads. These thematic groups become the focus areas for the monthly meetings and the individual questions of the teacher consultants who provide the subtopics for the meetings. Interested persons should submit a letter to the project director. Participants are awarded 3 continuing education credits (1 course unit) upon successful completion of course requirements. 

After School Matters Practitioner Inquiry Seminar

In the National Afterschool Matters Initiative Practitioner Fellowship, participants learn about and engage in practitioner research while co-creating a supportive intellectual community which builds upon practitioner experience, knowledge and inquiry into our practice, while focusing on ways to utilize these skills in the service of youth during school hours and in out of school time programs