The Philadelphia Writing Project is sustained through the collaboration of educators and members of the community at large who recognize the value of learning opportunities for students. While the work of the site is carried out by a diverse network of teachers, three groups have emerged over time to provide leadership and direction.

Executive Leadership Team

  • Diane Waff, Ed.D, Director
  • Shirley Brown, Co-Director
  • Cozette Ferron, Co-Director
  • Lois McGee, Coordinator, Poetry Inside Out (PIO)
  • Nadia Mykysey, Coordinator, ESOL Professional Development
  • Latricia Whitfield, PhilWP Scholar
  • Miriam Harris, Administrative Assistant

Leadership Team

  • Mike Mannix - Invitational Summer Institute
  • Antoinette Davis - Social Media
  • Ron Houston, School District of Phila. - Leadership Team
  • Tia Larese, Penn Alexander - Leadership Team
  • Christine Clancy, Key Elementary School - Leadership Team
  • Sam Reed, U School - Leadership Team
  • Amanda Schear - Social Media 
  • Lisa Yau, Kirbride Elementary School - Communications and Continuity

Advisory Board

  • Co-Chairs: Eva Gold and Frank Murphy, Educational Consultants
  • Vice-Chair: Susan Lytle, Ph.D., Founder, Philadelphia Writing Project, Professor Emerita, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
  • PhilWP Director: Diane Waff, Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
  • Grace Cannon, School District of Philadelphia
  • Jody Cohen, Teacher, YouthBuild
  • Claudia Gentile - Evaluation Consultant, NORC at the University of Chicago
  • Ron Houston, Technology Integration Specialist, School District of Philadelphia
  • Christine Clancy, Key Elementary School, School District of Philadelphia
  • Mike Mannix, PhilWP, University of Pennsylvania, GSE
  • Kelly McBride, Assoc. Director of Development, Hospice and Pallative Care, Penn Medicine
  • Dina Portnoy, Educational Consultant
  • Robert Rivera-Amezola, Teacher, School District of Philadelphia
  • Peggy Savage, Richmond Elementary School
  • John (Trey) Smith, Northwestern University
  • Amy Stornaiuolo, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
  • Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
  • Latricia Whitfield, PhilWP Scholar

Diane Waff, Ed.D., Director
Dr. Waff is the Director of the Philadelphia Writing Project and a Professor of Practice in the Reading, Writing, and Literacy Program at Penn GSE. Dr. Waff, a literacy educator, specializes in working closely with secondary and community college teachers in all subject areas to establish professional learning communities and habits of reflective practice, leading to innovations in curriculum and instruction that increase students’ access to higher levels of literacy learning. Through curriculum and professional development initiatives, she facilitates positive change in school cultures, transforming schools into communities of learners, creating teaching and learning opportunities to empower administrators, teachers, and students to realize school reform goals. Read more about Dr. Waff on her GSE faculty page.