Teacher Consultant Profiles

The Philadelphia Writing Project is a network of more than 800 teacher consultants. Our teachers work with students in schools both public and private in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond.

"If you don't get it from home, you're getting it from me."

As an ESOL teacher Delilah Baines Washington balances her time between two schools, James Logan and Francis Scott Key. Listen to how her summer institute experience helped her raise expectations for her students and feel more like a professional.

"It keeps me on my toes."

Rosemary Jacob worked for the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Pennsylvania for over 20 years before becoming a reading specialist. Through the non-public categorical programs of the School District of Philadelphia, she provides services to three private Christian academies. Listen to how she handles working at three different sites.

"I didn't want to do homelessness in the worst way!"

Lisa Hantman has been in education for 33 years. She has taught in many locations but most recently at the George McCall Elementary School where she teaches third grade. In 2012 she completed requirements for National Board Certification. Among her many interests, service learning remains an important component of her teaching. Listen to a particularly inspiring year when her students took on the issue of homelessness.

"I wasn't the teacher for a half second."

As a Teach For America corps member Helen Anderson began teaching at Martin Luther King High School and then moved on to a Mastery Charter School. She is currently a doctoral student in the Reading, Writing, and Literature program in the Graduate School of Education at Penn.

"Every day isn't perfect."

Lynne Strieb was a teacher of grades K, 1, and 2 in Philadelphia for 30 years. She is a founding member of the Philadelphia Teachers Learning Cooperative and a Philadelphia Writing Project TC since 1990. Her two books include A Philadelphia Teacher's Journal and Inviting Families Into the Classroom: Learning From a Life in Teaching. Listen below to Lynne's honest description of a difficult teaching moment.

"You don't have to just have someone put their foot on your neck and think its okay."

Mattie Davis began teaching in 1991. She has taught at the William Hunter School, the John Welsh Elementary, the former Frederick Douglas School, and is currently at the William Dick School. Mattie has taught a range of grades from first to fifth. In true PhilWP fashion, Mattie teaches with a clear sense of social justice in mind. Here she talks about the people who influenced her the most, her father and mother.

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