The Philadelphia Writing Project supports and encourages site-wide as well as individual publications of practitioner research, educator reflections, and collaborative work in our schools.

  • PhilWP Blog is a new space for teacher consultants to share reflections of teaching and learning. 
  • PhilWP Journal is a space for teacher consultants to share their work and reflections with our network.
  • PhilWP Update provides announcements and updates for teachers in our network
  • As reflective practitioners, we also make it a habit to "go public" with our practice. Visit our Making Our Practice Public page to read about how we share our work with the larger community.
  • Learn more about our impact by reading our teacher consultant profiles.   

PhilWP Journal

The purposes of PhilWP Journal are to (1) share promising practices among teacher consultants, (2) publish probing reflections from teacher consultants regarding teaching and learning, and (3) showcase for a wider audience the wealth of experiences and ideas that constitute the network. The audience for the journal is both internal and external. Throughout the year, our goal is to publish quarterly.

PhilWP Update

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