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Faculty Experts

Penn GSE faculty members are some of the most knowledgeable and innovative experts on education in the world.

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Veronica Aplenc

Lecturer, Program Manager

Teaching Learning and Leadership Division
Negotiation of identity, historic built environment, material culture, urban life, 20th-century Yugoslavia; Disciplinary history; Qualitative research methods

Earl Ball

Co-Director, School Leadership

Teaching Learning and Leadership Division
Governance issues in schools Teacher professional development Independent schools Leadership identification and development Curriculum innovation and design

Sigal Ben-Porath

Associate Professor

Civic education, Gender studies, Philosophy of education, Political philosophy

NancyLee Bergey

Associate Director, Teacher Education

Teaching Learning and Leadership Division
Elementary and middle school science education, Teacher education

Robert F. Boruch

University Trustee Chair Professor of Education and Statistics

Co-Director, Center for Research and Evaluation in Social Policy (CRESP)

Quantitative Methods Division
Evaluation of effects of educational and social interventions Evaluation in developing countries Randomized controlled trials Ethics in social research Systematic reviews of evidence and standards of evidence

Judy L. Brody


Academic Associates
Educational leadership, Principals

Yuko Goto Butler

Language assessment, Cross-linguistic/cross-cultural learning and teaching, Second language acquisition, Bilingualism and biliteracy

H. Gerald Campano

Associate Professor

Reading/Writing/Literacy Division
Immigrant identities in the contexts of schooling, K-8 literacies, Practitioner research, School-university partnerships, Urban education

Xinyin Chen


Applied Psychology - Human Development Division
Children’s socioemotional development, Peer relationships, Parenting and family influences

Elizabeth Covay

IES Post-Doctoral Fellow

Education Policy Division
Sociology of Education, Stratification, Statistics and Methods