Graduation: Apply & RSVP

Please complete the form below by Friday, March 23 to apply for the May or August 2018 degree and to RSVP for the GSE commencement and/or reception. A $75 fee will be charged for any student that applies after the deadline.

Student Information

If you have a Chinese name, please use Pinyin with accent marks and write last name first if you want it stated first. For all other students, please write each syllable as it sounds. Leave a space between each syllable. Capitalize the syllable to stress. Examples: “phonetics” would be “fo NEH tiks.” “Imani” would be “e MAH nee”.
Your Penn ID number is the middle 8 digits found on your Penn Card

Program Information

VERIFY that answer is correct. You must provide your legal name here, no nicknames. This name will NOT be spell-checked. Whatever you have printed here is what will be on your diploma. No changes can be made after you submit this form.

Graduation Ceremony


NOTE: If you have any questions or need to make any updates, please contact Imani Harvin at or (215) 898-6456

If you are unsure, please consult your committee chair. Must contain first & last name of faculty member followed by the abbreviation for last degree. Example: Ann Tiao, Ph.D.


Permanent Address: Diplomas will be mailed three months after the posted graduation date. Please take the time to update your PennInTouch address to one where you will receive mail three months after your graduation date. Diplomas will be sent to your permanent address unless there is a valid (not expired) temporary address entered.

Have Questions?
For questions regarding diplomas, anticipated graduation terms and other student records please contact .

For questions regarding the ceremony or the reception, please contact Imani Harvin from the Office of Student Affairs at or (215) 898-6456.

From Career Services:
In mid-April, you will receive an invitation to complete the Penn Career Services Career Plans Survey (see the sample below). Collecting this information from you helps us tell the story about the amazing impact GSE graduates have on the world. Thank you in advance for taking 10 – 15 minutes to complete the survey and share your part of the story.

Screenshot of Penn Career Services Career Plans Survey