To be honest, I was not an event person when I was in college. I did not attend many events at all because I was not interested in socializing with others. However, this has changed a lot since I came to GSE. I am surprised that there are so many events at GSE and there is always something to do everyday. I will be focusing on two of my favorite events in this blog.  

The first event that I attended was the Open House in November, 2017 which was the date that I decided to apply to Penn. I was still looking for programs back then and was not sure if Penn would be the right fit. I came in for the open house, even though it was so cold that day and I got a lot of useful information. Everyone I met was so nice and willing to answer the questions I had. It started with the big group and I got to learn more about Philadelphia and Penn. My favorite section of the day was when we had the chance to attend small group sessions and learn more about the programs that we were interested in. I was able to talk to a current student and program manager about the programs and that was the time when I found out about the Intercultural Communication program. I was so worried about my GRE score because I was working full time and felt I did not have enough time to prepare for the exam. However, I felt much more confident after I talked to the program manager and she told me that GSE would not just look at one piece to make a decision. I highly recommend that you come in for open house because it is a great opportunity to learn more about GSE and have a better picture of the program that you are interested in.

The second event that I am going to talk about is called “Globalizing Diversity Workshop”. It is a workshop for international students to learn more about current issues and topics in the United States. It creates a safe place for international students to learn things that are not taught inside the classroom. The two facilitators are awesome and they are always willing to answer any questions we have during and after the workshop. I remember I attended to one of the workshops that was related to LGBTQ+ issues which is a topic that I know little about. It was very helpful to have a better understanding with this topic because it is more complex than I thought.

I do appreciate the diversity of events at GSE because you can always find something that fits you. Another bonus thing with GSE’s events is that there is always food!!! Please feel free to join any events when you have a chance.