It’s mid-January and Spring semester is almost in full swing. Looking back at registration, I have pretty much a completely different schedule than what I imagined I would have. I went back and forth to my advisor, asking what she thought about this and that class—lucky for me, she is a great advisor and was incredibly patient with all my questions.

You see, I am only at Penn for one year. That’s two semesters. It is crucial I make it count. Though I found all my classes during my first semester very informative and I learned many practical skills, I wanted to ensure I would be taking classes that really focused on my interests. I promised myself I would shop as many classes as I could this time around. This whole concept of shopping classes was new to me last semester. I know many schools and undergrads have the opportunity to do so, but my undergraduate institute did not really encourage it. During my first week of classes this semester, I ended up going to eight classes! It was absolutely a busy and overwhelming week trying to keep track of what classes were where, which ones I was or was not registered for, and then trying to decide which ones I would narrow it down to.

I am bummed I only have two semesters, but to make the most of it, I knew I had to take advantage of the shopping period. Registration was the easy part. It is simple and to the point once you do it the first time, but having the opportunity to explore many classes has been my favorite part of registration period.