Reimbursements for Conferences and Research-related Activities

Dear GSE Students, 

We have received an abundance of requests for conference reimbursement this academic year. Student Government appreciates the time and effort that you all put into your work, academics, and professional development. For this reason each year we allocate funds towards reimbursing student expenses towards research and conferences. 

Due to the substantial increase in-need for conference and research related expenses for this academic year, as of this morning allocated funds for this initiative have been depleted.

Any requests and applications that have been submitted during the fall term (August-December 2018) have already been processed. Requests and applications that have been submitted at the beginning of spring term (January-Present 2019), have also, already been processed and you will receive an approval or denial email by EOB March 5th, 2019. 

Unfortunately, unless your application/request has already been submitted GSESG will not be able to accommodate your request. As noted in the application/request form, applying for reimbursement does not guarantee that you will be approved. Reimbursements are based on availability of funds and outlined rubric. You assume full fiscal responsibility the total amount spent on conferences and reimbursements even if your request is not approved for a reimbursement. All Reimbursement decisions are final and there will be no appeals. 

List of University resources for more opportunities 

GAPSA Individual Grants - Deadline March 15th
Penn Research Grants - Deadline Varies 
Graduate Research Grants - Deadline March 15th 
Office of Vice Provost for Research Grants Resources 
Graduate Student Center Funding Resources 
CURF Graduate Study Funding Resources 

The Conference and Research Form will be closed for this academic year and will re-open as soon as a new student government board is installed for the 2019-20 academic year. Information about applying to GSE Student Government will be announced after spring break.