Estimated Living Expenses

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Cost of Living Budget

The following living expense budget is the standard budget the University uses for all graduate students and reflects the maximum a student may borrow in loans; these are NOT billable expenses. The amount you actually need for living expense will vary based on your lifestyle, and we suggest only borrowing the amount you need. If you find your costs exceed the allotted budget, you may apply for a budget increase through Student Financial Services here. Your refund per semester will be the difference between your total charges and total credits (such as loans) per semester. If your charges differ between semesters, the amount of refund will likewise differ. Loans will be disbursed after you are registered and billed for each semester. Be sure to enroll in  Direct Deposit to expedite receipt of your refund. The University allows you to borrow up to $28,810 to cover living expenses during the academic year (Fall and Spring) and up to $4,195 per each summer session in which you are registered for classes. 

2017-2018 Living Expense Budget (September-May)

Housing and Utilities
Books & Supplies
Health Insurance (12 month coverage)

Summer Living Expense Budget (June-August)

Housing and Utilities
Books & Supplies

**NOTE: All full-time students are required to have comprehensive health insurance. Full-time, non-executive students are also required to pay a separate Clinical Fee ($273/semester) set by the University  to help support the on-campus health clinic. Student with their own coverage may petition Student Health to waive the Penn Insurance by contacting their office at 215-746-3535, by email at, or via their website.