Request Research-related Expense Reimbursement

Request Approval for Research-related Expense Reimbursement from Student Government

In support of independent student research at the Graduate School of Education, the GSE Student Government and the Student Affairs Office have allocated limited funds to reimburse GSE students for research-related expenses. Funds can be used for materials and equipment, specialized software, travel to research sites, and other items and services necessary for the completion of the project. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • You must be a matriculated degree candidate at GSE. Priority will be given to students enrolled at the Master’s level.
  • Your project should represent original research. If your project is part of a larger collaboration with faculty members and/or other students, you should describe your independent research in detail and the larger project in brief.
  • You should communicate your project in layman’s terms.
  • You should give evidence that you have explored school and university options and the resources that you seek are unavailable.

As part of your application, prepare a project abstract, objective, design and method, and itemize your expenses as they are related to your project.

If your request for reimbursement is approved, the expense reports are to be submitted to Concur, Penn’s expense management system, along with original itemized receipts attached to the specific expense transaction. All reimbursements must be submitted before the end of the Fiscal year on June 30, 2016. This is a hard deadline, there are no exceptions.

Reimbursements are approved on a rolling basis, until the funds are depleted. The maximum amount for reimbursement is $400. We cannot guarantee full reimbursement. Students may only receive reimbursement funding ONCE per semester; second applications in a following semester are wait-listed until the second week of Mayafter first-time applications are reviewed

Applicants are encouraged to seek other funding opportunities. For more information, see the Graduate Student Center’s webpage on Navigating the Grant:

For questions, contact GSE student government at with the subject heading “Research Funding.”

To apply, please complete and submit the form below:

Joint Applications

If you are completing a joint application, please fill out the following section:

Research Project Information

Describe your project concisely in layman’s terms.
What are the specific goals of your project? What do you want to achieve?
If you have secured funding from other sources, how much have you secured?

I understand that if granted reimbursements for this project, I am committing to making a brief presentation regarding my research and what I learned at a public GSE forum during the academic year.

I understand the terms of funding, including the aforementioned eligibility requirements and reimbursement procedures.

Please compile all receipts into one pdf file.
Files must be less than 800 KB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc.