Priority #4

How does Penn GSE open doors around the world through education?

Advance & promote best educational practices locally, nationally, & globally

On an international scale, education holds the potential to reduce poverty and disease, foster peace and gender equality, and create sustainable economic development. An era of mass migration and mobility has brought families across national boundaries to escape conflict zones or seek opportunity.

Penn GSE is leading the way to address the particular obstacles that stand between education and underserved, refugee, or immigrant children. At Penn GSE, 70 percent of faculty are involved in international initiatives. We continually provide the expertise to help developing nations create higher-quality, more accessible, and equitable educational systems. We shape universities in Kazakhstan, contribute to reforms in K-12 and higher education across India, enhance educational leadership in Chile, and improve education in coffee-producing communities of Nicaragua.

In our interconnected and diverse world, our commitment and results will only increase in importance.

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Careers with Global Impact: International Educational Development Program Internships Build Practical Knowledge

Learn how alumni prepared for careers improving education around the world through Penn GSE’s International Educational Development Program.

Teacher and students around green, semi-circle table with students raising hands.

Education, Language, and Culture: Penn GSE’s Dr. Nelson Flores Advances Bilingual Education

By helping Philadelphia schools implement dual-language programs in Spanish and English, a faculty member continues a linguistic legacy at Penn GSE.