Strength #3

Powerful Partnerships

Penn GSE partners with institutions near and far.

From schools in Philadelphia to higher education in Chile, India, and Kazakhstan, Penn GSE works to support students and communities. Grossman views such relationships as a pivotal part of Penn GSE’s future.

“The problems facing education go well beyond the classroom, and cannot be addressed by any single individual, discipline, or school alone,” Dean Pam Grossman says. “For example, issues of health and community welfare are essential to children’s early success in school.” 

Penn GSE’s partnerships address these and other issues, developing approaches to national challenges—like waves of school reform, lack of school funding, and intergenerational poverty—as well as international concerns.

Partnerships provide multiple perspectives and create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. “To accomplish something significant, you need collaboration, especially in education today,” notes Dean Grossman. “Through the power of collaboration, we can create better solutions to complex problems.”

Penn GSE

  • Crossing professions

    As a partner in the Penn Futures Project, GSE has joined forces with two other Penn schools to improve the health and well-being of youth and families in Philadelphia and beyond through the intersection of three professional fields.

  • Engaging locally

    Middle school students with tablet standing at front of class

    Penn GSE students, faculty, and alumni engage in more than 570 activities at more than 270 Philadelphia schools annually. This longstanding and growing work, highlighted in an interactive map, is creating a national model of partnership between a graduate school of education and an urban school district. 

  • Thinking globally

    Children outside laughing in international location

    Students in Penn GSE’s International Educational Development Program complete international internships all over the world, working at partner organizations such as World Vision, Save the Children, the Aga Khan Foundation, and UNESCO.