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Chelsea Fuller

How can one teacher in one classroom in one school really make a difference? It's a question that Chelsea Fuller, GEd'12, came to GSE to answer.

While pursuing both her master's degree and teaching certification in GSE's Teacher Education Program, Chelsea learned how to make the standard 9th and 10th grade social studies curriculum more relevant to both AP and at-risk students at University City High School, where she did her student-teaching. At the same time, Chelsea identified opportunities to help her students navigate some of the toughest aspects of their lives -- all too prevalent violence, mixed messages about identity and aspirations conveyed by the media, and the micro-level fall-out of being students in a school district in distress.

"So many kids from low-income communities are slipping through the cracks," says Chelsea, who became familiar with the public school systems in Inglewood and Watts as an undergraduate at UCLA. "I want to find ways to make higher education possible for those students."

The incremental change that Chelsea is making is helping her turn the tide for her current students and strengthening her ability to find solutions that can transform the system at the macro-level.

"Ultimately, I want to create a culture where everyone is expected to achieve, and where everyone believes they're worthy of a good education -- the teachers, the students, and the administration," Chelsea says of one of her highest aspirations. "Because if you have the right attitude, and you're truly invested in learning, that's when real change happens."