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Penn GSE scholars recognized for influencing public discourse on education

Eleven researchers from Penn GSE have made Education Week’s 2017 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings list. Of these, nine are members of the School’s standing faculty, which represents nearly a quarter of that group.   

The list, created by Rick Hess, the Director of Public Policy at the American Enterprise Institute, recognizes scholars whose work shapes public discussion around education. 

Men must speak up when they hear language like Trump's, Shaun Harper says

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Penn GSE’s Shaun Harper said Donald Trump’s comments about women should prompt a call to action for all men.

[[image|left|faculty=5040|caption=Dr. Shaun Harper]]

“When men fail to challenge other men on troubling things they say about and do to women, we contribute to cultures that excuse sexual harassment, assault and other forms of gender violence,” Harper wrote.

An inbox brimming with good news

From prestigious awards to new grants to staying on top of the national conversation, our inbox at Penn GSE News has been brimming with accolades.

In no particular order:

Shaun Harper was named #36 on The Root’s Top 100 list.

Penn GSE senior instructor, Fulbright fellow Sharon Ravitch helps transform higher education in India

Sharon Ravitch, a senior lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and a newly appointed Fulbright Scholar, is changing India’s educational systems through partnerships and research. 

Penn GSE’s John DeFlaminis brings distributed leadership to a struggling district

In 2014, the York City School District was in crisis. Its budget was busted, and student performance had bottomed out. A proposal to convert the district to all charter schools fizzled, but the glaring problems remained.

[[image|left|caption=John DeFlaminis works with administrators across Pennsylvania|width=400|src=]]

An opportunity for change: Penn GSE’s John DeFlaminis brings distributed leadership to a struggling district

One afternoon last summer, as she listened to Dr. John DeFlaminis tell eight educators how he was going to transform their schools with distributed leadership teams, Danielle Brown felt a surge of adrenaline. This is what effective schools do, Brown remembers thinking. She had worked at such schools before, but not since moving to the York City School District to become principal of the McKinley K–8 School. Brown saw educators in York working hard, but not together, to serve their students. 

Michael Farrell named as next principal for Penn Alexander School

[[image|left|width=200|caption=Michael Farrell|src=]] On June 1, the School District of Philadelphia announced the appointment of Michael Farrell as the next principal of the Penn Alexander School (PAS), a partnership school with Penn’s Graduate School of Education.

Penn GSE students recognized for their work in education

As the academic year closes, Penn GSE students and alumni have received awards and recognition in Philadelphia and around the world for their continued efforts to improve education. Among those whose work has recently received attention:

Turning university prestige into something students value

[[image|left|faculty=5038|caption=Dr. Matthew Hartley]]

Matthew Hartley, Executive Director of the Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy (Penn AHEAD) and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Penn GSE, makes the case for innovation and value-added services at prestigious institutions of higher education.




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