Current TLTE Ed.D. and Ph.D. Students

Juan "Miguel" Andres

Year of Entry: 2016 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Baker
Educational Background: Ateneo de Manila University, BS Computer Science; Ateneo de Manila University, MS Computer Science; Teachers College Columbia University. PhD Cognitive Studies in Education
Research Interests: Educational data mining, affective computing, and MOOCs. I research the generalizability of findings on student engagement and course completion in MOOCS. I created a parser for raw edX logs, and have so far run application tests on one data set (unpublished), and hope to be able to continue running the analysis on a number of other MOOC data sets, including Penn's Coursera and edX data.
Professional Goals: I intend to continue my research, hopefully in academia. I am also interested in honing the skills I acquire while earning my degree in order to apply them in the workplace.

Amanda Barrett Cox

Year of Entry: 2013 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Rand Quinn
Educational Background: B.A., Wellesley College, Classical Civilizations; M.A., Stanford University, Sociology of Education

Lindsay Goldsmith-Markay

Year of Entry: 2016 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Janine Remillard
Educational Background: Swarthmore College, BA in Education and Sociology/Anthropology; Harvard University, M.Ed. Mind, Brain, and Education
Research Interests: Currently I am interested in exploring the following relationships in mathematics education: teacher language/questioning tactics and the richness of student discourse, formative assessment and student achievement, formative assessment and teacher understanding of learning trajectories, and open-ended questioning techniques and student engagement. 
Professional Goals: At this point in time, I hope to eventually become a Mathematics Educator who supports in-service and pre-service teachers, and furthers research on both student and teacher learning in the field of mathematics. 

Taylor Hausburg

Year of Entry: 2017 (Ed.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Sharon Ravitch
Educational Background: Duke University (B.A. in Linguistics with a concentration in Arabic); Loyola Marymount University (M.A. in Urban Education)
Research Interests: Secondary school and international contexts, youth leadership development, community engagement programs, project-based teaching and learning 
Professional Goals: Teaching, curriculum development and reform, teacher education

Lightning Jay

Year of Entry: 2016 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Abby Reisman
Educational Background: Wesleyan University, BA, Philosophy and Religious Studies; Hunter College, M.Ed. Middle School Generalist Certification 
Research Interests: I'm interested in social studies and history education. In particular, I hope to investigate the effects of training teachers in instruction that focuses on historical thinking skills. 
Professional Goals: I hope to contribute to teacher education in history.

Gayithri Jayathirtha

Year of Entry: 2017 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Yasmin Kafai
Educational Background: BS in Computer Science Engineering from the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering; MSEd in Learning, Sciences, and Technology from the University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: Computer science education, development of computational thinking
Professional Goals: To actively contribute to the scholarship and inform practice

Jessica Koehler

Year of Entry: 2012 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Susan Yoon
Educational Background: B.A., The Colorado College, Biochemistry, minor: French; M.S., University of Louisville, Chemistry
Research Interests/Professional Goals: I am researching how high school community can influence students' academic and personal motivation, general academic achievement, and development of 21st Century skills. My long-term professional goals are to continue to improve the quality of high school experience for all involved - this may mean a career in academia or consulting.

Hayden Lyons

Year of Entry: 2015 (Ed.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Janine Remillard
Educational Background: B.Ed., University of the West Indies, Educational Administration; Elementary Teaching Credentials, Valsayn Teachers College; M.A., New York University, Educational Communication and Technology; M.S., Adelphi University, Educational Leadership and Technology
Research Interests: Teacher Education, learning optimization, effective pedagogy as it impacts student outcomes both in the US and in international contexts (developing countries).
Professional Goals: Professor - Teacher education  / Superintendent of schools / Work in International Education Development 

Rowan Machalow

Year of Entry: 2014 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Janine Remillard
Educational Background: B.A., Barnard College, Computational Biology; M.B.A., Kaplan University, Marketing and Change Management; M.S.Ed., Relay Graduate School of Education, Childhood Education
Research Interests: Education and development of teachers in early childhood education (birth through pre-kindergarten) / Constructivist learning communities / Culturally relevant mathematics

Katherine Miller

Year of Entry: 2017 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Susan Yoon
Educational Background: B.A. in Astrophysics from Princeton University; MA in Science Education from Teachers College at Columbia University 
Research Interests: Science teacher education, science teacher professional development, informal science education
Professional Goals: I'd like to be the director of education at an informal science institution or work in science teacher education in some capacity. 

Shamya Chodumada Karumbaiah NLN

Year of Entry: 2017 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Baker
Educational Background: Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science; University of Massachusetts Amherst, Master of Science, Machine Learning  
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence in education, educational data mining
Professional Goals: Personalized learning

Miyoung Park

Year of Entry: 2014 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Susan Yoon
Educational Background: B.A., Haverford College, Biology; Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education, Learning and Teaching
Research Interests/Professional Goals: I am interested in science education, particularly the preparation and education of science teachers and science curriculum and pedagogy that is centered on students' open inquiry, experiential learning, motivation, confidence-building, and creativity. In the future, I hope to be a science teacher educator who teaches the next generation of science teachers.

Elizabeth Simmons

Year of Entry: 2014 (Ed.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Abby Reisman
Educational Background: B.A., Wesleyan University, African American Studies and Government; M.A.T., Tufts University
Research Interests: My research interest is technology integration in K-12 environments, with specific focus on patterns of online inquiry among learners, the collaborative efforts in online environments, and the role digital and media literacy play in supporting them. Teacher education and ongoing professional development are also elements of my research.

Mia Shaw

Year of Entry: 2017 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Yasmin Kafai
Educational Background: B.A. in Human Biology (with Honors) from Stanford University; University of Nevada Las Vegas Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus in Secondary Education
Research Interests: I am interested in examining the effectiveness of project-based learning (PBL) and making in STEAM education for black and brown youth, as well as how PBL and making can inform youth participation in civic engagement through designing community-based problems.
Professional Goals: I am interested in continuing my research in making and PBL, as well as teaching at the collegiate and graduate level. I am also interested in designing relevant, adaptable making and PBL curricula for K-12 education.

Stefan slater

Year of Entry: 2016 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Baker
Educational Background: UW Madison; B.S. Psychology; Cognitive Psychology; Teachers College, Columbia University; M.S. Learning Analytics; Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics
Research Interests: Interested in student and skill modeling, especially the latent structure of knowledge and skill conceptualizations by learners
Professional Goals: The interesting thing about EDM/LA for me is that they are generalized predictive models at their core. EDM/LA techniques are generalizable to a wide array of education and non-educational domains. I don't plan on entering academics and would prefer to work in industry. 

Daniel Ueda

Year of Entry: 2016 (Ed.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Yasmin Kafai
Educational Background: Rensselar Polytechnic Institute-BSME, Mechanical Engineering; Pace University - MSEd, Middle School Mathematics 
Research Interests: STEM education, STEM teacher preparation and development 
Professional Goals: My goals include the development of curriculum and teacher preparation programs to better prepare students for engineering careers.

Justice Walker

Year of Entry: 2015 (Ph.D.)
Faculty Advisor: Yasmin Kafai
Educational Background: B.S., University of Miami, English Literature/Biology; M.S., University of Pennsylvania, Engineering Biotechnology
Research Interests: I study how emerging technologies (e.g., Synthetic Biology or Electronic Textiles) exist in teaching and learning. I'm fascinated also by the possibilites technology poses in creating more equitable and accessible learning experiences. 
Professional Goals: I use Learning Science and Sociocultural perspectives to inform my research and hope to continue doing so professionally as a professor/leader.