Advancing Education in the World

Education is a global concern. As the world economy changes, education has also become a global challenge.

How — and what — do children learn in different parts of the world? What can we learn from other countries, and what can they learn from us?

From Bolivia to Zambia, GSE faculty and students are working with students, parents, teachers, and researchers to strengthen education, enrich education research, and compare education methods across countries.

  • International research — GSE faculty and students are continually engaged in individual and colllaborative research around the world. 
  • Consulting projects include Prof. Yuko Butler’s year-long Hakuho Foundation Fellowship at Japan’s National Institute of Japanese Language; Prof. Bob Boruch’s eight years as chair and founder of the international Campbell Collaboration; and Prof. Nancy Hornberger’s work on multilingual language policy and Indigenous language revitalization in Paraguay, New Zealand, and South Africa.
  • Conferences and colloquia abroad — Many of the problems facing American students and school districts are not unique. GSE faculty have participated in roundtables and other conferences with education professionals, from France to New Zealand, to discuss the needs of low-performing students, school funding, and other issues.
  • Multinational research projects -- Many of our faculty and students are working with colleagues abroad on multinational and/or comparative projects. Prof. Ed Boe has been re-examining the data that compare American students' achievement with that of students in other G7 countries; Educational Linguistics student Katherine Mortimer is studying the use of Spanish and Guarani (an Indigenous language) in Paraguay. 
  • Partnerships with other universities — GSE students and faculty value their strong collaborations with colleagues from around the world. Current partners include East China Normal University, where GSE has set up an exchange program, King's College London, and Kyoritsu Women's University System (Japan).