We are committed to making your graduate education affordable, and we offer generous scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships to many of our students. Many of our students look at their Penn graduate degree as an investment in their future and finance their graduate education through a combination of institutional funding, federal aid, private educational loans, and other sources.


Ph.D. Students

All Ph.D. students are guaranteed a full scholarship for their first four years of study, as well as a stipend and student health insurance. Please refer to the Dean's fellowship funding explanation for more information.

Ed.D. Students

GSE offers fellowship packages for full-time Ed.D. students in traditional format programs. Please read more about the Dean's Scholarships, fellowship, and Research Assistantships funding explanation for more information.

Master's Students

Master’s applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarship and assistantship funding; there is no separate application. Most students will receive some form of direct support from GSE. Please read more about scholarships and Graduate Assistantships for details.

Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Information for Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Penn GSE! Click the link below to navigate the financial aid process.


Information for Accepted Students


Students attending part-time

Academic Progress
You must make academic progress to continue to receive federal loans. For the Direct Loan, academic progress is defined as 6 course units (CUs) for which you have received passing grades. In other words, your eligibility for a Direct Loan renews after completing 6 CUs. If student completes 2 CUs in the fall term and 2 CUs in the spring term, and received their first $20,500 over these terms, they are not eligible to renew their loan because they completed only 4 CUs in total. The student cannot get another Direct Loan until they complete another 2 CUs. This hypothetical student could take a PLUS or private/alternative loan in the summer and earn 2 CUs, making them eligible for another Direct Loan in the fall. 

Students attending the following programs with second summer session starts:
  • Teacher Education
  • Executive Master’s in School & Mental Health Counseling
  • Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management
  • Penn CLO
  • Mid-Career Doctoral Program

You have the option to structure your loans so that your initial Direct Loan disburses between the summer and fall terms. You will make academic progress (see above) by completing 6 CUs over the summer and fall. In the spring, you can take another Direct Loan. Log on to the Penn Loan System to ensure your loans are structured to disburse in the summer 2 through fall. If they are not, email student loans at stuloans@sfs.upenn.edu to adjust the loan period. 

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For information about student loans, contact Student Financial Services at (215) 898-1988 or sfsmail@sfs.upenn.edu.