Education Alumni Award Honorees

The Penn GSE Recent Alumni/Early Career Award of Merit

This award recognizes an outstanding graduate who has shown outstanding service to the University of Pennsylvania and Graduate School of Education prior to their 10th reunion year and is setting an inspirational example for future alumni of Penn GSE. This includes but is not limited to significant contributions by an individual in their field of endeavor, whether through professional achievement or community service, and the devotion of significant time, energy, and enthusiasm to volunteerism and cultivation. 

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  • 2023, Felecia E. Commodore, GR'15, and Qian (Sylvia) He, GED'20
  • 2022, Aizhan Kul-Mukhammed, GED’19
  • 2021, Rina Madhani, GED’19
  • 2020, Tian Song, GED’09
  • 2018, Eduardo A. Alleyne, GRD’16 
  • 2018, Nina DePena Hoe, GED’10, GR’14
  • 2017, Steve Mobley, Jr., GED’06
  • 2017, Anthony J. Zarate, C’12, GED’13
  • 2016, Noah D. Drezner, GED’04, GR’08
  • 2015, Kara Jackson, GR’07
  • 2015, Aviva Shoshana Habib, GED’10
  • 2013, Tryan McMickens, GRD’11
  • 2012, Francis M. Hult, GR’07
  • 2011, Karen Weaver, GRD’09
  • 2010, Kenneth D. Grcich, SW’00, GRD’08
  • 2009, Marc L. Hill, GR’05
  • 2007, Nicole M. Cappillino, GED’02
  • 2005, Jennifer A. Isom O'Malley, GED’98