Penn GSE Faculty Directory

Education Policy

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Erin Bogan, Vice Provost Postdoctoral Fellow 215-746-1976
Laura M. Desimone, Prof. of Education 215-746-5699
John Fantuzzo, Prof. of Education 215-898-4790
Richard M. Ingersoll, Prof. of Education 215-573-5674
Rebecca A. Maynard, Prof. of Education 215-898-3558
Kenneth Shores, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Philip Sirinides, Research Assistant Professor
Matthew Steinberg, Assistant Professor
Jonathan A. Supovitz, Prof. of Education 215-573-0700x230

Educational Linguistics

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Catherine Box, Lecturer 8-3283
Yuko Goto Butler, Assoc. Prof. of Education 215-898-5937
Nancy H. Hornberger, Prof. of Education 215-898-7957
Nelson Flores, Assistant Professor
Diane Larsen Freeman, Visiting Professor
Iryna Kozlova, Lecturer
Yumi Matsumoto, Assistant Professor
Robert Moore, Senior Lecturer 215-898-1920
Anne Pomerantz, Senior Lecturer 215-573-5710
Betsy R. Rymes, Prof. of Education 215-746-7878
Santoi Wagner, Senior Lecturer  215-573-7067

Higher Education

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Ross Aikins, Adjct. Assistant Professor, Program Manager215-898-8398
Peter D. Eckel, Senior Fellow and Director of Leadership Programs215-573-4342
Diane E. Eynon, Senior Fellow 215-573-8072
Joni Finney, Professor of Practice 215-573-4960
Marybeth Gasman, Prof. of Education 215-573-3990
Manuel S. González Canché, Assoc. Prof.215-898-0332
David Grossman, Lecturer 215-898-4831
Matthew Hartley, Prof. of Education 215-898-8414
Eric Kaplan, Senior Fellow 215-573-9404
Laura W. Perna, Prof. of Education 215-746-2522
Alan R. Ruby, Senior Fellow 215-573-9417
Robert M. Zemsky, Prof. of Education 610-455-0144

Human Development and Quantitative Methods

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Robert F. Boruch, Prof. of Education 215-898-0409
Wendy Chan, Assistant Professor of Education 215-898-5195
Xinyin Chen, Prof. of Education 215-746-2363
Suzanne G. Fegley, Senior Lecturer 215-898-4610
Douglas A. Frye, Assoc. Prof of Education 215-898-7375
Charles Jacob, Lecturer 215-898-1847
Kelsey M. Jones, Postdoctoral Fellow 215-746-8710
Shawn C.T. Jones, Postdoctoral Fellow 215-573-9297
Elizabeth Mackenzie, Adjct. Asst. Professor, Program Manager
Paul A. McDermott, Prof. of Education 215-898-7368
Michael J. Nakkula, Professor of Practice 215-898-5195
Andrew Porter, Professor Emeritus of Education 215-573-9683
Marsha Richardson, Senior Lecturer
Mike Rovine, Senior Fellow 215-573-1072
Kyle Schultz, Lecturer 215-573-2978
Howard C. Stevenson, Prof. of Education 215-898-5666
Ariane Thomas, Lecturer 215-898-1783
Herbert Turner, III, Adjunct Associate Professor 215-808-8880
Tim Victor, Adjunct Assistant Professor 484-432-3550
Daniel A. Wagner, Prof. of Education
Jason Javier-Watson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Racial Empowerment Collaborative
Caroline L. Watts, Senior Lecturer 215-746-4585
Sharon Wolf, Assistant Professor 215-746-0283

Literacy, Culture, and International Education

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Sigal Ben-Porath, Prof. of Education 215-898-3288
H. Gerald Campano, Assoc. Prof. of Education 215-573-9611
Amitanshu Das, Senior Fellow and Director of Penn GSE Films 215-746-4856
Vivian L. Gadsden, Prof. of Education 215-573-3528
Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher, Senior Lecturer 215-898-5004
Joan F. Goodman, Prof. of Education 215-898-5677
Kathleen D. Hall, Assoc. Prof. of Education & Anthro. 215-573-9612
Susan L. Lytle, Prof. Emerita of Education
Alexandra Michel, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Alex  Posecznick, Adjct. Asst. Professor, Program Manager
John L. Puckett, Prof. of Education 215-898-7389
Amy Stornaiuolo, Assistant Professor 215-898-9327
Krystal Strong, Assistant Professor 215-746-8415
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Assistant Professor 215-898-9309
Diane R. Waff, Professor of Practice 215-898-8130
Jonathan Zimmerman, Professor of History of Education 215-898-5672

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Veronica Aplenc, Adjct. Assistant Professor, Program Manager215-746-2566
Ryan Baker, Associate Professor215-573-2990
Earl Ball, Co-Director, School Leadership 215-573-7499
NancyLee Bergey, Associate Director, Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program 215-573-4026
Ed Brockenbrough, Associate Professor 215-746-6898
Nicole Mittenfelner Carl, Postdoctoral Fellow 215-746-1250
John D'Auria, Professor of Practice 215-898-4686
Priscilla Dawson, Co-Director, School Leadership
Charles Dwyer, Prof. Emeritus of Education
Caroline B. Ebby, Adjunct Associate Professor 215-573-0760
Nicole Fletcher, Postdoctoral Researcher 215-573-0700 x259
Alesha Gayle, Director, Urban Teaching Residency Program (215) 898-2578
Pam Grossman, Dean 215-898-7014
Michael C. Johanek, Senior Fellow 215-573-0589
Yasmin B. Kafai, Prof. of Education 215-746-3468
Sarah Schneider Kavanagh, Research Assistant Professor 215-573-9683
Kate Kinney Grossman, Director, Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program 215-898-5186
Peter J. Kuriloff, Prof. of Education 215-898-5238
Annie McKee, Senior Fellow 215-746-1451
Christopher Pupik-Dean, Program Director and Senior Fellow 215-898-9350
Rand Quinn, Assistant Professor 215-898-9330
Sharon M. Ravitch, Professor of Practice 215-898-5003
Abby Reisman, Assistant Professor 215-573-6012
Janine Remillard, Assoc. Prof. of Education 215-898-7377
Davinah Sharnese Smith, Postdoctoral Fellow 215-898-7381
Jonathan A. Supovitz, Professor of Education 215-573-0700x230
Susan A. Yoon, Assoc. Prof. of Education 215-746-2526

Academic Associates

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Judy L. Brody, Lecturer 215-573-0739
John A. DeFlaminis, Executive Director, PCEL 215-573-0586
Michael Golden, Executive Director, Catalyst @ Penn
Martin Ihrig, Adjunct Associate
Bobbi Kurshan, Senior Fellow and Innovation
Annie McKee, Program Director & Senior Fellow 215-746-1451
Harris Sokoloff, Adjunct Assoc. Prof. of Education 215-898-7371

Penn Faculty with Secondary Appointments to GSE

NAME (click for full bio.) PHONE E-MAIL
Asif Agha, Prof. of Education & Anthropology 215-898-4110
Philippe Bourgois, Prof. of Anthropology & Education 215-746-1937
Eric Bradlow, Prof. of Education & Marketing 215-898-8255
Peter Cappelli, Prof. of Management & Education 215-898-7722
Camille Charles, Prof. of Sociology & Education 215-573-2357
Dennis Culhane, Prof. of Social Policy & Education 215-349-8705
Robert DeRubeis, Prof. of Psychology & Education 215-898-7320
Karen Detlefsen, Assoc. Prof.of Philosophy & Education 215-898-5560
Dennis deTurck, Prof. of Mathematics & Education 215-898-7867
Angela Duckworth, Assoc. Prof. of Psychology & Education 215-898-1339
Martha Farah, Prof. of Natural Sciences & Education 215-573-3531
Al Filreis, Prof. of English & Education 215-573-9749
Larry Gladney, Prof. of Physics, Astronomy & Education 215-898-4683
Mauro Guillen, Prof. of International Management & Education  215-573-6267
Amy Gutmann, Prof. of Pol. Sci, Phil., Educ., & Comm. 215-898-7221
Emily Hannum, Asst.Prof. of Sociology & Education 215-898-9633
John Jackson, Dean, School of Social Policy & Practice 215-898-5541
Jerry Jacobs, Prof. of Sociology & Education 215-898-1536
John Jemmott, Prof. of Communication & Education 215-573-9500
Loretta Sweet Jemmott, Prof.of Nursing & Education 215-898-8287
Grace Kao, Prof. of Sociology, Amer. Studies, & Educ. 215-898-9060
Annette Lareau, Prof. of Sociology & Education 215-898-3515
Walter Licht, Prof. of History & Education 215-898-5097
Hyunjoon Park, Asst. Prof. of Sociology & Education 215-898-0942
Thomas Power, Prof. of School Psych. & Education 215-590-7447
Wendell Pritchett, Presidential Prof. of Law & Education 215-898-7061
Ezekiel Dixon-Roman, Asst. Prof. of Soc. Policy & Educ. 215-898-5512
David Roos, Prof. of Biology & Education 215-898-2118
Jorge Santiago-Aviles, Assoc. Prof of Elec. Eng. & Educ. 215-898-5167
Rogers Smith, Prof. of Political Science & Education 215-898-7662
Deborah Thomas, Assoc. Prof. of Anthro. & Education 215-896-0435
Sharon Thompson-Schill, Prof. of Psychology & Education 215-573-3533
Greg Urban, Prof. of Anthropology & Education 215-898-0895
Keith W. Weigelt, Marks-Darivoff Family Professor 215-898-6369


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