Global Initiatives

Penn GSE brings together students, faculty, and educators working on six continents to improve learning at all stages of life.

Professors Alan Ruby and Matt Hartley in Kazakhstan.

For over a decade, Penn GSE faculty have advised Kazakh officials and education leaders in creating new, autonomous universities designed to help the central Asian country move to a more knowledge-based economy. The relationship has expanded, and Penn GSE experts are now also advising Kazakh efforts to modernize its primary and secondary teaching force. 

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Featured Research

Digital Seeds/Semillas Digitales

Semillas Digitales (Digital Seeds in English) is a research-based initiative that collaborates with local stakeholders to improve education in coffee-producing communities in Nicaragua through holistic teacher support and technology integration.

Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy (Penn AHEAD)

The Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy (Penn AHEAD) is dedicated to fostering open, equitable, and democratic societies through higher education. National Center for Adult Literacy/International Literacy Institute

The National Center for Adult Literacy (NCAL) focuses on research, innovation, and training in adult education and technology. The International Literacy Institute (ILI), established by UNESCO and Penn in 1994, provides leadership in research, development, and training in the broad field of international literacy and educational development, with an emphasis on developing countries.

International Educational Development Program (IEDP) Speaker Series

Penn GSE's International Educational Development M.S.Ed. Program (IEDP) offers a year-long International Speakers Series that brings leaders from across the development spectrum. Over recent years, leaders have come from such organizations as the World Bank, Unicef, UNESCO, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Aga Khan Foundation, World Vision, Vanderbilt University, and Columbia University Teachers College.

Red Interamericana de Liderazgo Educacional

The Inter-American Educational Leadership Network (RILE) is a collaboration with colleagues throughout Latin America and the United States. RILE offers in-person and mixed learning opportunities to educational leaders seeking to promote change in their communities.

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