The University of Pennsylvania nurtures global networks and encourages innovative, cross-disciplinary research to better understand and resolve global issues. As part of this campus-wide initiative, Penn GSE students research, study, teach, and work across the globe, and over 70% of our faculty members are involved in international initiatives. From high-quality international degree programs to a stellar international student body, Penn GSE is committed to global education.


Our faculty and students regularly conduct research and consult across the globe.


International students hailing from 31 countries comprise 32% of Penn GSE's student body.

"Just getting to know my classmates... was the best part of my experience here. Everybody had a different background: some of my friends spent a couple years in the Peace Corps, some had taught, some had worked in private corporations or international organizations. And then somehow we all ended up in the same place, sharing the same academic and professional interests."

– Teppei Hayashi

M.S.Ed. Alumnus, Intercultural Communication