Priority #5

How does Penn GSE serve learners of all ages?

Create economic opportunity & hope through education

At Penn GSE, we are working to make the life-changing power of education more available in the places where it is needed most in our nation and world. And we seek to recruit the finest scholars and educators, regardless of their ability to afford a Penn GSE education.

Creating a national model of partnership between an urban school district and a graduate school of education, Penn GSE students, alumni, faculty, and staff conduct over 570 programs in more than 270 schools throughout The School District of Philadelphia. Philadelphia schools face an array of challenges—waves of school reform with uneven results, lack of funding, and deep poverty—in the context of a richly diverse and diversifying student body, representing a microcosm of urban education in our nation. Penn GSE engages with the District in a number of ways, aiming to set a national example by providing professional development for District teachers, offering innovative academic and after-school programming, conducting research to establish new best practices in urban education, and more.

Education is the foundation for success in life; without it, countless doors to opportunity remain closed. At Penn GSE, we are changing lives through our leadership.

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