Priority #3

How does Penn GSE shape our country’s future?

Enhance democracy by preparing leaders & citizens

Penn GSE directs the national conversation about education, supporting a broad range of research centers to provide cutting-edge policy guidance. Our work explores public and private accountability in education, addressing a wide range of topics such as best practices in STEM education, effective approaches to standards reforms, and the broad societal implications of the cost of higher education. Our researchers rank all fifty states for college affordability, integrate data about children’s education and welfare, promote broader teaching of twenty-first-century skills, and more. In almost every area of concern, our experts influence policy and propose new solutions.

Penn GSE also works to create new models of teacher and principal education and professional development.

From helping teachers reflect upon the ways they reach their students, to training principals to build leadership teams, Penn GSE attracts and supports talented educators and prepares them to help every child learn.

Penn GSE

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Fostering Civic Engagement: Two Penn GSE Professors Work to Close a Gap

What can educators do to produce active citizens? Learn what Penn GSE faculty Sigal Ben-Porath and Rand Quinn discovered by studying school environments.

A National Voice: Alumni in Education Policy

Penn GSE alumni are addressing national challenges through affordable college options, data to drive decisions, educational access, and the liberal arts.