Our Impact

Our work responds to the most pressing challenges facing education today. With your help, we will redouble our commitment to improving the world outside our doors.

Creating replicable models for the nation in our own community

Issues such as insufficient funding, unidentified learning needs, poverty and gaps in educational quality and access mean that in many of our schools—especially those in urban school districts like Philadelphia’s—learning opportunities remain unequal. Penn GSE is uniquely positioned to improve equity in education in our own backyard and to model and study these improvements so that they can be scaled nationally. In addition to Penn Futures, a visionary partnership that leverages the strengths of GSE, Penn Nursing and Penn's School of Social Policy and Practice to address not only early education but the many challenges that surround it, we have the opportunity to partner with the City of Philadelphia to lay the foundation for universal access to high quality pre-K.

Leading national conversations

Education has a unique power to open doors throughout life—to intellectual exploration, successful employment, informed citizenship, and more. Education is also key to the ability of the United States to compete globally. Penn GSE is indispensable to making sure that our country does not fall behind. From best practices in STEM education to the role of minority-serving institutions, from understanding what can make standards reforms work to translating research from journal pages into lesson plans, GSE will continue to direct conversation about what is happening in American classrooms and what will be possible tomorrow.

Advancing education around the world

Education is a doorway to greater opportunity around the world. Penn GSE is advancing it through some of the strongest and most longstanding partnerships with international organizations among all schools of education. Our students conduct research, study, and work around the world. They are in high demand from NGOs and others who benefit from their presence and incisive work. Our International Educational Development Program (IEDP) excels at teaching the distinctive skills needed in the field of education and development, and other schools are now rushing to emulate it. The bulk of our faculty engage in international initiatives, from guiding educational policy in India, to shaping Kazakhstan’s higher education system, to partnering with UNESCO.