The future of our nation and our world depend upon education more than any other factor.

The challenges and opportunities of our time demand that broadly accessible, high-quality education impart the skills, knowledge, and values that are the foundation of civic responsibility and economic prosperity.

Penn GSE is committed to access and inclusion, practical knowledge, powerful partnerships, and innovation for impact. We are building a diverse pipeline of the educators, leaders, counselors, researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and policymakers our world needs, who are equipped to navigate a new era with energy and creativity.

Our faculty, students, and alumni engage in hybrid and student-centered, active learning in a variety of environments, including pre-K–12, higher education, corporate learning, and vocational training, opening doors for learners across the globe.

Learn about some of the many ways in which Penn GSE is fostering hope and opportunity for the next era by preparing the citizenry and the workforce of the future:

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