Enhancing democracy by preparing leaders and citizens

How do young people learn about the responsibilities and possibilities of life in a democracy? To become active and informed citizens, they must discover how to think critically about current issues and engage with their communities.

By expanding educational access and preparing young people to participate in U.S. civic life, Penn GSE students and faculty are advancing citizenship education. They strengthen the teaching of civics and government, develop and implement innovative curricula, create learning experiences outside the classroom, and organize community service. Our graduates go on to educate and nurture the next generation of citizens in a variety of roles as educators and leaders in K–12, higher education, and cultural institutions.

The continuity of our nation depends upon each generation’s capacity to embrace of the ideals of democracy. At Penn GSE, we are strengthening this foundation of our future.

Penn GSE

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Fostering Civic Engagement: Two Penn GSE Professors Work to Close a Gap

What can educators do to produce active citizens? Learn what Penn GSE faculty Sigal Ben-Porath and Rand Quinn discovered by studying school environments.

Dr. Perna participates in a panel with fellow Penn faculty José A. Bauermeister and Dorothy E. Roberts, led by Penn President Amy Gutmann at a Power of Penn Campaign event on June 12 in Washington, DC.

Policy, Practice, and Promise: Professor Laura Perna on Opportunity and Higher Education

Dr. Perna's latest work is informing the national dialogue on college access and completion, helping institutions better serve low-income students, and shedding light on the rise of “College Promise” financial aid programs.