Advancing early childhood education

Children’s learning opportunities from birth through age eight lay a critical foundation for their future well-being and school success.

Faculty and students across Penn GSE work from a variety of disciplines to improve early childhood education, pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships with communities, families, and educators to unlock opportunity for the youngest children. Their research and practice affects public policy, curricula, assessments, and interventions. They provide resources for families and teachers to promote social-emotional learning in kindergarten and design curricula to meet the needs of underserved urban populations. By pioneering the use of integrated data to improve support and education for children, they have helped states, cities, and counties across the nation. Working closely with young children, families, and educators, they increase understanding of the challenges in children’s lives and improve relationships between parents and schools.

Throughout this work, Penn GSE faculty and students emphasize collaborating with communities and acting on a foundation of high-quality research.


Penn GSE

A child in a classroom in Ghana smiles while holding a handful of pens

Creating a World of Opportunity: Penn GSE Partners for Global Impact

In locations around the globe, Penn GSE is forging new paths and setting new precedents for meaningful change in education.

A colorful mural is painted on a South Philadelphia high school. The Philadelphia skyline is visible behind the school. A purple block in the lower left reads, “Spring 2020, Partnering to Shape Urban Education

Partnering to Shape Urban Education: Penn GSE Builds National Models and Practitioner Communities

Penn GSE is working in Philadelphia to establish national models of instruction and data use—and improve children’s lives both in and outside of school.