Microgiving @ Penn GSE

Microgiving @ Penn GSE champions the power of small gifts to make a big difference in the education community. This initiative gives Penn GSE students and faculty the opportunity to crowdfund special projects and build community support for their work, putting research to practice in classrooms in Philadelphia and beyond. 

Penn AHEAD (Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy)

GOAL: $10,000 

The first Microgrant of 2014-2015 supports Penn AHEAD (Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy). AHEAD is dedicated to promoting the public purposes of higher education in fostering open, equitable, and democratic societies. Located within the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania, AHEAD applies a multidisciplinary, research-based approach to addressing the most pressing issues regarding the societal contributions of higher education in the United States and world. AHEAD applies what is known from our research and others to improve institutional practice and public policy through technical assistance and professional development activities. In this way we see the core work of AHEAD as linking theory and practice.

This Microgiving campaign is designed to support new and emerging initiatives that advance AHEAD's mission:

  • Roundtables that convene leaders to understand complex problems and their solutions. 
  • Visiting Scholar Program that annually offers a scholar/practitioner a professional home, collegial support a travel stipend and office space to conduct research and generate new thinking about higher education's public purposes. 
  • What's AHEAD: Key Trends quarterly poll that generates timely information useful to practitioners, researchers, and others concerned about the future of higher education.

Click here to support Penn AHEAD's efforts to promote the public purposes of higher education in fostering open, equitable, and democratic societies. 

2013-2014 Microgiving Results

Thanks to small donations from passionate people like you, the 2013-2014 Microgiving @ Penn GSE campaigns exceeded their goals. THANK YOU for giving to Microgiving @ Penn GSE – scroll down to see the impact your gift made!

Classroom Libraries at the Lea School

GOAL: $3,000     Raised: $4,300

Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions

GOAL: $10,000     Raised: $12,825

Project Write Scholarship Fund

GOAL: $1,200     Raised: $1,290