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PennCLO Podcast episode 5 artwork with Dr. Raj Ramachandran's headshot and episode information

Episode 5: Leading the Charge: Reshaping Executive Leadership for the Modern Age

In this enlightening episode of the Practitioner Scholar, Lisa-Marie Aird welcomes Dr. Raj Ramachandran, a trailblazer in leadership consulting and an alum of the Penn CLO program's first cohort, who shares his personal journey from being legally blind to becoming a renowned consultant, igniting a passion for creating tangible societal impacts

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PennCLO Podcast episode 4 artwork with Dr. Ann Schulte's headshot and episode information

Episode 4: AI-Powered Learning: Navigating the Future of Talent Development

In this episode of the Practitioner Scholar, hosted by Melissa Monti, Dr. Ann Schulte, a Penn CLO program alumna and current Senior Vice President of Talent Development and Chief Learning Officer at Procter & Gamble, discusses the integration of AI in talent development and the importance of an always Beta mindset for continuous workplace innovation.

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PennCLO Podcast episode 3 artwork with Maria Luisa Garcia Underwood's headshot and episode information

Episode 3: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Unleashed: Turning Buzzwords into Business Breakthroughs

With over 30 years of experience in education and organizational development, María Luisa García Underwood, CEO of M. Ideas Consulting Services, Inc., shares her journey into the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).

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PennCLO Podcast episode 2 artwork with Kandi J. Wiens' headshot and episode information

Episode 2: Unlocking the Resilience Code: Emotional Intelligence and Burnout Immunity

In this compelling podcast episode, Dr. Kandi Wiens, author of Burnout Immunity, joins us to shed light on the science of resilience and emotional intelligence. Dr. Wiens' pioneering research serves as the foundation for a discussion that aims to answer the pressing question: why do some individuals thrive under stress while others falter?

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PennCLO Podcast episode 1 artwork with Dr. Keith Keating's headshot and episode information

Episode 1: Redefining the Learning Leader Role: Elevating Learning Strategies for Organizational Excellence

We converse with Dr. Keith Keating, author of 'The Trusted Learning Advisor,' to focus on the evolving role of learning leaders in today's organizations and explore how his groundbreaking book offers a transformative framework for learning leaders, emphasizing innovative strategies that go beyond traditional methods.

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