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October 2, 2018

An international leader in education research and practice, Penn GSE is embarking upon a building expansion to keep the School at the forefront of a new era in education.



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October 18, 2018

Four Penn GSE alumni share their stories of impactful careers that pair education with psychology, corporate leadership, business and technology, and international development.

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October 15, 2018

Penn GSE launches HEARD: The Hub for Equity, Anti-Oppression, Research, and Development.


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October 12, 2018

In a conversation co-sponsored by Penn GSE, Hill called Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing a "disservice to the American public."


The Educator's Playbook

Penn GSE faculty distill their research in this useful newsletter for K-12 educators. In the latest issue, By using pronouns thoughtfully, educators can make all students feel welcome and provide support for children who are gender nonconforming..

Awards & Honors

Nancy Hornberger has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Umeå University in Sweden. Since 2012, Dr. Hornberger has served as Visiting Professor to Umeå University's Department of Language Studies, consulting and collaborating on the development of Sámi language teaching, teacher education, and research in support of Sámi Indigenous language revitalization. 
(Posted 10/16/2018)

Krystal Strong has received a $50,000 grant from the Spencer Foundation to support the next 14 months of the project "Education and Political Change: Mapping Contemporary School Protests in Africa." Dr. Strong's research team will complete the first comprehensive, cross-national database of the incidence and causes of school-based protests in Africa since 2000, and will use interactive mapping technology to make this data publicly accessible to global researchers and practitioners.
(Posted 9/21/2018)


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