The 15 most-read stories in 2022

January 10, 2023
A word cloud illustrating the top words across the 15 most-read articles in 2022

A word cloud illustrating top words from across the most-read articles on our website in 2022. Student, child, school, and educator were among the most popular.

In 2022, readers sought practical, easy-to-apply advice around cultural issues like gender identity, free speech, and violence. Here’s a look back at the 15 most-read articles, press releases, and Playbooks in the Penn GSE Newsroom over the past year:

 1. Educator's Playbook: Respecting pronouns in the classroom

Kids understand themselves better, and at a much younger age, than adults assume. This includes their gender identity. Gender identity refers to one’s inner sense of being male, female, both, or neither. By using pronouns thoughtfully, educators can make all students feel welcome and provide support for children who are gender nonconforming.


 2. Talking to children after racial incidents

Howard Stevenson offers advice for parents looking for what to say, and listen for, after a racial incident in the community or in the headlines.


 3. Penn GSE once again ranked #1 in U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Education Schools

The ranking marked Penn GSE’s second year in a row at #1 on U.S. News & World Report’s list and our seventh consecutive year in the top five.


 4. Educator's Playbook: Teaching students to think like historians

History class should not simply be a space where students learn through rote memorization. Abby Reisman offers tips on how educators should frame class sessions to develop students' critical thinking skills instead.


 5. Penn GSE's Best Books for Young Readers 2021

Now more than ever, it is imperative that the stories we tell, read, and write are reflective of the histories and experiences of the many different communities that make up our world — communities which are often missing from bookshelves in schools and libraries.


 6. 14 activities for building literacy at home

Tips to help parents build literacy skills with their children — and have fun in the process.


 7. The 5 challenges facing teacher PD

Writing in ASCD Express, Dean Pam Grossman and Zachary Herrmann define some of the top challenges facing teacher professional development and how we might address them.


 8. Educator's Playbook: School counselors are your ally. Here are six tips for working with them

Parents and kids avoid the counselor’s office because they are afraid they, or their child, won’t be seen as “normal.” It's time to break the taboo, says Linda Lucker Leibowitz.


 9. Educator's Playbook: Explaining war to children: 6 tips from a Penn GSE expert

Marsha Richardson shares insights on how parents and teachers can help children process the complex thoughts and emotions associated with watching war unfold.


 10. Educator's Playbook: How to confront hate speech at school

There has been a spike in racial and ethnic intimidation and harassment, including a growing number of incidents at K-12 schools. Penn GSE's Howard Stevenson offers advice for how educators can protect their students and care for themselves.

11. Absenteeism actively harms everybody — even the students who show up. How do we stop it?

In partnership with co-authors from Brown University, Michael Gottfried has compiled an evidence brief providing strategies for combating growing absenteeism numbers.

12. Equity indicators report reveals systemic barriers to college access and success for low-income and non-traditional students

“We have seen so many proposals for free college and debt relief in the past year, even amidst a pandemic, because the painfully high cost of a degree is stifling another generation of young people and continuing to shut out minority and low-income Americans," says Laura Perna.

13. After dropping her son off at college, a Penn GSE faculty member shares the higher ed advice she gave him

Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher reveals the “hidden curriculum” you get when you have a professor as a parent.

14. Richard Ingersoll updates landmark study of the American teaching force, now covering 3 decades

The past three decades have transformed America's teacher workforce. Richard Ingersoll looks at who’s teaching, for how long, and what it means for the nation's students and taxpayers.

15. Educator's Playbook: Bringing gender consciousness into the classroom

By taking a gender-conscious approach, educators develop and display an awareness of how gender bias, roles, and expectations play into their teaching practice ... and ultimately move towards more equitable teaching.