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Five ways teachers can integrate ChatGPT into their classrooms today

Betty Chandy gives us five ways teachers can effectively and quickly use tools like ChatGPT today without compromising student learning.

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A smartphone is held in the center of the image with the ChatGPT website open on its browser. The phone is above a computer keyboard. You can see that the person has input “explain nuclear fusion in simple terms” as their prompt and the AI is generating an answer in return, illustrating how the program works for end-users.
An illustration depicting the outline of a child sitting in an otherwise vacant school desk.
Penn GSE’s Michael Gottfried shares four ways in which communities can lower absenteeism rates and increase student engagement.
A parent compassionately talking to a small child.
Penn GSE’s Dr. Marsha Richardson shares her insights.
An illustration depicting a teacher connecting digitally with students
Renowned edtech expert Ryan Baker talks about what we’ve learned — and how educators can put that knowledge to work.
An illustration of five people, including two holding up camera phones, looking at the viewer. They hold a sign that reads "Justice."
The history of the September 11 attacks is important. But Penn GSE’s Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher says we should show students how 9/11 has shaped our world.