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How to be a good parent and a good ally

Follow your child's lead. Be ready to do some work on your own.

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A sign with a heart over a pride flag hangs in the window of a house.
Opened rainbow patterned umbrellas displayed hanging over a street.
Culturally competent educators set the tone for positive learning environments, which creates space for all people, regardless of how they identify .
Speech bubbles with number counts inside them representing the theater game
Techniques and games from theater can be fun tools for building classroom engagement and tackling content in new ways.
A school bus pulls up to a school.
Parents can help their kids prepare to go back to school in person. Focus on sleep. Talk about fears. And maybe get a new outfit.
For Parents
Dean Pam Grossman, of the Graduate School of Education, left, and Dean Erika James, of the Wharton School.
Deans Pam Grossman and Erika James argue that to be prepared leaders need to consider the necessary crisis leadership practices that should occur before, during, and after a crisis happens.