Combating Burnout: Strategies and Support for K-12 Educators (S1E5)

October 17, 2023
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A 2022 Gallup poll reported what many of us already suspected: K-12 educators have one of the highest burnout rates of any segment of the U.S. workforce. It's a growing crisis but not an insurmountable one.

To help explore burnout's root causes, repercussions and remedies, we turned to Annie McKee, who wrote the book on being happy at work. A senior fellow at Penn GSE and NYT-bestselling author, Annie has a candid conversation with host Kimberly McGlonn about the emotional intelligence and resilience necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of modern education. Then, former classroom teacher Stacey Carlough joins Kimberly to discuss some of the systemic and individualized strategies employed to alleviate burnout. In her new role, Stacey leads programming centered around teacher mental health and developing top-down solutions, like communities of care. Stacey emphasizes that burnout is not an individual problem – it's up to school leaders to create a nurturing, sustainable educational environment where their teachers, counselors and other employees can thrive.


  • Stacey Carlough, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning, Office of School & Community Engagement, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
  • Annie McKee, Adjunct Professor & Senior Fellow, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education




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