Kandi Wiens sheds light on burnout in recent article

January 30, 2024
Penn GSE Senior Fellow Kandi Wiens stands by a podium with a microphone and laptop, holding a remote, smiling to an audience while giving a presentation on burnout.

Penn GSE Senior Fellow Kandi Wiens gives a presentation on burnout on campus. She recently shared her insights in a Men’s Health article featured on AOL ahead of the release of her new book Burnout Immunity. (Joe McFetridge/Joe Mac Creative for Penn GSE)

Kandi Wiens, a senior fellow in the Learning, Teaching, and Literacies Division of Penn GSE, recently contributed her insights on the increasingly pertinent issue of burnout for a Men’s Health article featured on AOL. Wiens, who is also the author of the forthcoming book Burnout Immunity, highlighted the exacerbation of burnout symptoms due to the pandemic, linking increased personal and work-related stress to the rising occurrence of this condition.

Wiens emphasizes the subtlety and gradual nature of burnout, making its recognition both crucial and challenging. She characterizes burnout by three primary features: emotional exhaustion, a cynical attitude towards one’s job, and a sense of diminished personal accomplishment. Wiens also points out that certain personality types, such as perfectionists, people-pleasers, and individuals with a high need for control, are particularly prone to burnout.

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