Penn GSE Faculty and students share expertise on podcasts

August 11, 2020
Katie Barghaus speaks at Conquering Kindergarten launch

Katie Barghaus speaks at the Conquering Kindergarten launch

As podcasts increasingly address current events from racial justice to the pandemic’s effect on education, Penn GSE faculty, students, and alumni are weighing in.

GSE Experts Weigh In

Katie Barghaus spoke with the Philadelphia Community Podcast about Conquering Kindergarten, a toolkit that helps families teach children 14 social-emotional skills they need to succeed in Kindergarten.

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas spoke to This Is Not a Pipe about her interest in examining the role of racial difference in children's literature. "Children's literature is such an important site for how young people understand the world around them... children's books - huge. Absolutely huge. They're huge because they're used in schools, they are found in homes... We are reading some of the same children's books that people were reading 100 years ago during a very different time,” she said. 

Howard Stevenson shared the challenges he embraces in addressing racism on Healing Generations. “Even looking at the resilience of Black and brown folks, sometimes we have to count the costs of what it means to constantly withstand the weathering of racism,” he notes.

Sigal Ben-Porath talked with Penn Today’s Understanding Facts about how we can agree on shared facts in the age of fake news and hyper partisanship.  “The extent of our certainty might be limited, but there is a benefit in trying to say, ‘Look, this is where I will stop questioning and I will start taking action.’ This is the thing that requires civic commitment and civic action rather than a continued search for additional proof or stronger and more robust factual basis,” she said.

Sharon Ravitch discussed living and teaching in flux with Elevate with Spark! "As educators, we have to find active ways to nourish ourselves, connect with each other, and really think about this moment," she shared.

Karen Weaver interviewed Ross Aikins on Trustees and Presidents- Opportunities and Challenges In Intercollegiate Athletics for a lighthearted conversation about what college sports might look like in the fall. “This is a ball in motion so to speak…” shared Aikins. “We’re seeing some professional leagues be the test cases… It’s a real mixed bag… that even really well resourced professional teams are dealing with.”

Students & alums speak out

Alum Ryann Fapohunda joined Teach Better Talk! to discuss adaptation in the classroom, collaboration between teachings, and the power of extending your professional thinking.

Reading, Writing, and Literacy doctoral student Christopher Rodgers spoke with Education As Liberation(episode 5) to tackle the question: “Can education be liberatory in its current state or must a new system be built up?”