Penn GSE leads efforts to address school mental health crisis

May 10, 2024
A black-and-white overlay featuring the silhouette of a slumped student holding his brow between his forefinger and thumb superimposed over blurred students and teachers bustling through a hallway with the words “The Mengal Health Crisis in Schools”

Penn GSE is taking a leading role in addressing the mental health crisis in U.S. schools, exacerbated by the pandemic and social media’s impact. By equipping school counselors and educators with the necessary tools and knowledge, Penn GSE is making strides in addressing both student and educator well-being.

Initiatives led by alumni are central to these efforts, involving direct engagement with students through innovative wellness activities and fostering a nurturing school environment that prioritizes mental health. Faculty at Penn GSE are also driving change through the Project for Mental Health and Optimal Development, partnering with school districts to tailor and enact mental health strategies that build resilience among students.

Recognizing the strain on educators themselves, Penn GSE has launched several programs focused on reducing burnout and enhancing overall workplace wellness. These initiatives aim to create a sustainable culture of well-being that benefits both teachers and students, reinforcing the school as a community hub where mental health is openly addressed and nurtured.

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