Professional Development and Continuing Education

Penn GSE provides learning opportunities for educators, entrepreneurs, and professionals across disciplines. We offer specialty certificate programs for teachers, a variety of workshops, and continuing education and professional development sessions for school leaders, community organizations, and education entrepreneurs.

Penn GSE students have a round table discussion.
Penn GSE students work on a project together.


Certificate Programs

Project-Based Learning Certificate Program

The Project-Based Learning Certificate program is designed for current educators who strive to create rich, meaningful, and rigorous learning experiences through student-centered approaches to teaching and learning. Developed in collaboration with the Science Leadership Academy, the Workshop School, Inquiry Schools, and EL Education, the program provides an innovative professional learning experience that allows currently practicing teachers to leverage the educational expertise of Penn GSE’s faculty and some of the most skilled and experienced student-centered learning practitioners from across the country.

Virtual Online Teaching Program Certificate Program

The Virtual Online Teaching Certificate Program is designed for K-20 instructors who are interested in harnessing technology to design and implement curricula in online learning environments. Putting theory into practice, the program is taught entirely online through a series of learning modules delivered in synchronous and asynchronous fashion.

EXACT — Experiences in Applied Computational Thinking Certificate Program

The Experiences in Applied Computational Thinking (EXACT) certificate program is a 30-week, fully online program. EXACT is designed by Penn GSE and the GRASP lab to provide educators with an understanding of computational thinking through experiential learning using current theory and practice in the field of computer science. 

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Workshops & Boot Camps

TESOL Essentials Series

The TESOL Essentials Series is an online TESOL certificate course offered by Penn GSE and developed by experts from our Educational Linguistics program which provides an overview of practice and theory related to English language education, offering practical experience as well as general background knowledge in the fields of second language development and English language teaching. 

Education Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate

This immersive week-long bootcamp, affiliated with Penn GSE's renowned Education Entrepreneurship master's program, brings critical lessons from Penn GSE’s groundbreaking work in education innovation to cities around the globe.

Catalyst @ Penn GSE

Join Catalyst @ Penn GSE for a series of intensive bootcamps to take education entrepreneurs from initial idea through to early stage startup. Each features industry insiders and faculty from Penn GSE, home to the world’s premier education business plan competition.

Professional Development Providers at Penn GSE

Penn GSE's research centers and programs offer a variety of professional development and continuing education opportunities.