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Education goes far beyond the traditional classroom. Penn GSE experts are showing how factors like race, trauma, and poverty can impact a child's learning and development. 

Confronting hate speech in schools: Tools for teachers

Dr. Howard Stevenson, Clinical Psychologist, Constance Clayton Professor of Urban Education, Professor of Africana Studies, and Executive Director of Penn GSE's Racial Empowerment Collaborative, gives advice for teachers confronting hate speech in schools.

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Racial Empowerment Collaborative

The Racial Empowerment Collaborative (REC) is a research, program development, and training center that brings together community leaders, researchers, authority figures, families, and youth to study and promote racial literacy and health in schools and neighborhoods. 

Penn Child Research Center

The Penn Child Research Center promotes the educational and psychological well-being of children through the application of informed social and scientific policy. 

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