Back Where She Began: A. Brooks Bowden's Journey from Student to Change-Maker

April 30, 2024
Penn GSE Associate Professor Brooks Bowden leaning against a chalkboard

Joe McFetridge for Penn GSE

A. Brooks Bowden has come full circle at Penn GSE, evolving from a passionate student to a trailblazing associate professor awarded with tenure. Initially delving into psychology, Bowden transitioned to educational policy to effectuate change through research. Her office at Penn, symbolically once belonging to her mentor, underscores her deep connection to the institution that shaped her career.

Bowden’s research primarily focuses on the economic analysis of education programs to mitigate poverty's impact on learning. Her collaborations stretch from the hallowed halls of NYU to the frontline initiatives of the International Rescue Committee, all fueled by a drive to shape a brighter future for children through informed policies. Through her work, Bowden aims to influence public policy and improve educational outcomes, showcasing the practical impact of rigorous academic research in the real world.

Read more about Bowden’s story in the Fall/Winter 2023 edition of the Penn GSE Magazine.