Amalia Daché discusses Cuba advocacy on Gloria Estefan's Red Table Talk

October 14, 2021

Penn GSE’s Amalia Daché, an Associate Professor in the Higher Education division, joined Red Table Talk, a talk show hosted by Gloria, Emily, and Lili Estefan, to share more about how the Afro-Cubanled movements against the Cuban government have been “invisibilized.”

“One of the main reasons that Afro-Cubans aren’t being highlighted is that it contradicts this myth that Cuba is a racial utopia. What’s happening in Cuba is a civil rights issue, along with being a human rights issue,” she explains.

Daché, along with guest JenCarlos Canela, also discussed how people can support Cubans. “Social media is very important… because our visibility on Twitter is huge,” says Daché. “That presence internationally is key,” she said, noting that Afro-Cubans and other Latin Americans have come out to support protests.

“This is the moment before the fall of the Berlin Wall in Latin America. This is the hope that we Cuban Americans have, that this will happen,” she closed.

Watch the full episode, “How To Speak Up To Help Cuba,” on Red Table Talk: The Estefans.