Artificial Intelligence & Embracing New Technologies (S1E3)

September 26, 2023
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Let's delve into the ever-evolving world of technology in K-12 education. New generative AI tools like ChatGPT seemingly hit our classrooms overnight. And as it becomes ever more present, educators are finding themselves in a dynamic landscape, forced to adapt and adopt on the fly. By May of last year, nearly 60 percent of students aged 12-18 had interacted with ChatGPT, according to one study, with many favoring it over traditional search engines for their academic pursuits. Yet, with these advancements come both challenges and opportunities. To explore this technological shift, Kimberly is joined by Penn GSE professor Ryan Baker, an expert in online learning and how data and emerging technologies can enhance the educational experience. Also weighing in on the topic is principal, author and McGraw Prize winner Chris Lehmann, adding depth to the conversation about what it truly means to integrate new tools into schools. Tune in as we explore the merits and pitfalls of ed tech in today's classrooms.


  • Ryan Baker, Professor, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
  • Chris Lehmann, Founding Principal and CEO, Science Leadership Academies



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