Sigal Ben-Porath shares insights for navigating free speech on campus

March 7, 2024
Sigal Ben-Porath poses warmly in a professional portrait, with a friendly smile, curly brown hair, and dressed in a blue top with white accents.

Sigal Ben-Porath, MRMJJ Presidential Professor at Penn GSE, recently illuminated the complex landscape of free speech on college campuses amidst current geopolitical tensions during a lecture at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. This event is part of the spring semester’s lecture series, “Jews and the University: Antisemitism, Admissions, Academic Freedom.”

Advocating for contextually relevant academic discussions and institutional values, Ben-Porath calls for refined leadership communication and a reevaluation of policies to address hate speech effectively. She extends a call to action beyond administrative efforts, challenging scholars to consciously separate personal beliefs from their educational responsibilities to foster a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and fact-based learning.

In a climate where free speech is increasingly under the microscope, Ben-Porath highlights the broader role of higher education in safeguarding academic freedom and countering societal biases, urging institutions to take a firm stance against hatred and bigotry.

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