College athletes deserve a bigger voice, says Karen Weaver

June 4, 2021
Karen Weaver

Among the legislation pending in Congress this term, a number of bills affect college athletes. One raised this week is the College Athletes Right to Organize bill, which would rewrite federal labor law to classify college athletes receiving scholarships as paid employees, with collective bargaining rights. The bill is not expected to pass, but its introduction plays into the broader conversation around student athlete treatment. Other pending legislation includes the College Athletes Bill of Rights.

“I think there is growing sentiment that there needs to be more athletes’ voices heard than the token voices they currently have,” Karen Weaver told The Philadelphia Inquirer. Students currently have a minimal role when it comes to decision making in the NCAA.

Collegiate athletics is currently facing major challenges, from treatment of student athletes to decreased revenue. Weaver’s Certificate in College Athletics for Senior Leaders, which is currently open for registration and running this fall, will address some of these key topics.

Weaver and Laura Perna, Penn’s Vice Provost for Faculty, will discuss the critical issues facing campus leaders regarding college athletics at noon on June 11 in a free webinar.

Weaver points to student voice as critical in the ongoing debate about college athletics. For more, visit the Inquirer.

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