Five tips for teachers on navigating the complicated subject of the Russia-Ukraine war with their students

March 8, 2022
Cracked pavement with the Ukrainian and Russian flags painted on.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a fraught subject many educators — lacking expertise in the complicated political and historical context for the invasion — have found difficult to teach their students.

But according to Penn GSE doctoral student Lightning P. Jay, educators shouldn’t shy away from this difficult-but-worthwhile conversation.

Alongside Southern Connecticut State University’s Kevin Buterbaugh, Jay shared advice with Tech & Learning on how to teach the Russia-Ukraine conflict effectively.

“Students are capable of much more nuanced thinking than public discourse typically gives them credit for,” said Jay. “I think students, with help and in collaboration with one another, can think deeply about meaningful and sometimes even scary things that are happening in the world.” 

Read the full Tech & Learning article here.

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